New Pet - Squidlet

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New Pet: Squidlet

A new pet has been released, Squidlet. You can get your Squidlet from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

Squidlet will also start appearing as a potential Pet Rescue from Pet Gnomes in 3-4 weeks’ time.


I truly love this.
(It needs to be for Faction and Cosmetic pets though).

(I want to give you money, but it doesn’t make sense to give you money for something I can get later for free. 🤷)



So adorable!

Eh it’s like every other flash offer.

$2 for 90 gems is a decent deal. Everything else is gravy worth even less. But if you look at every flash offer as “90 gems (and some stuff)” it works out as a decent place to throw $2 if you don’t feel like buying a candy bar that day.

(Now like, I still don’t think 90 gems is QUITE enough for $2, but this is also an interesting price point where I don’t think too hard. I have $2 or I don’t, and I don’t care much how I spend it if I do, so I’m willing to take fairly bad deals at that price point.

It’s why I’ve always complained the deals start at $4.99, that’s when I feel like I need to think harder. For comparison, if I spend $4.99 instead of “2 flash offers for $4”, I can either get 63 gems or 225 over 15 days. The Flash Offer gives me 180 today for $1 less. If I could somehow buy $5 worth of flash offer, I’d get 225.

So this is $1 off the Daily Gems bundle, PLUS a pet. Pets aren’t worth much, but we’re already saving a dollar. That’s a hash brown or some fries.)


I’m surprised this wasn’t called Krackling.

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Speaking of flash deals, what triggered this? A member of our sister guild had no clue what I was talking about when I mentioned that this flash deal is worth buying. Apparently they hadn’t seen it. So why do we see it but they didn’t?

Edit: I hope these flash deals are doing well for the devs. It’s what lots of us in the community had been clamoring for, for months/years. It’d be nice to hear that there really was an untapped market for small impulse purchases, to help sustain the game.

If I remember correctly the flash offer was triggered right after I did the pet event and returned to the map, then bam!

It popped up for me before I even started the pet event so that wasn’t it. I don’t remember what I was doing to cause it but likely a tribute collection or it was the daily reset. Time left on it puts it right about reset time.

It’s easy to miss if you’re swatting away the other offers & rating pop-ups. If it’s not showing just below their avatar in the top left corner of the screen when hidden then I’d guess that’s a problem .

Good to know! :+1:

Do anyone know if 3 is the max number of differently pets a Power Leveling kingdom can have? Have this been confirmed somewhere? I assume that every Power Leveling kingdom will at least have each 3 differently pets in the end since Power Level 19 requires it.

I didn’t see it when I logged on this morning, and also learned about it from the forums. But it was there, I could tap the icon to get it. A couple of hours later I got a popup for it. It’s possible they’re experimenting with some kind of “don’t show offer popups too frequently” code.

I also agree that I really, really, really like flash offers as opposed to the offers the game has had traditionally. This is exactly the kind of offer I’ve always said I’d be a sucker for, and I’ve bought at least one of most of them.

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I’m not quite sure I understand the question, if it’s “do we ever need more than than 3 pets for kingdom power levels” then the answer is “probably”. There’s eventually going to be kingdom power levels past 20, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those have further pet based requirements.

I just noticed that they have already added a 4th pet to Dragon’s Claw. The Revered Dragonkitty which is obtainable through the Honor system. Beside from that it already have Dragonkitty, Whelp & Wyrmling. The max number of pets per PL kingdom is then currently 4. But perhaps a very few will get 4 differently pets, unless they extend the PL ladder, lets see.

This pet so should be from BlackHawk instead of Merlantis since it looks like the Kraken


2 things:

20 star is temporary, kingdom power levels are supposed to go higher. That could include more pet requirements.

… They can make as many Cosmetic pets or duplicate effect pets that they want (they did mention multiple … souls pets? xp pets? one of those things in one of the past streams. Its kinda surprising they’re being this meticulously slow on pet releases (besides these one time cosmetic pet events)

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Please remove this if you’re not going to worry about making sure it’s accurate. There are only 72 Pets available in game. Revered Kitty should show up as an Unowned troop. @Cyrup
Only 3 more days until the Unowned troops becomes accurate for the first time in 7 months. :roll_eyes:

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Uh oh, it looks like we have another copyright violation. (The emoji looks different on Android than it does on here. 🤦) :joy:
But seriously…
I’m necroing this because over 2 months ago I brought up the matter of the pet collection numbers.
Nothing has changed since and not a single comment from the devs about it.
On PC/Mobile there’s currently 78 pets available.

The only pets I don’t own are the cosmetic ones for each platform. But I believe (without testing) I can own the Steam, Android, and iOS pets so long as I link my account to each device. And there’s lies the issue. You (devs) created these cosmetic pets to Target completionists. That’s all well and good. But completionists like to show they have all the troops with an easy as of say 77/77. So if I buy all 3 will the total then be 78/77?
Also… By having it set up this way. It’s easier for Xbox and PS4 to have a full collection (which is :poop:).
Lastly, these platform cosmetic pets still do not show up as Unowned in the collection. The only way to see them is in the shop.

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I don’t think there is an iOS pet…

Do iOS users see 75 as the cap right now then?

No, still 77, as I could theoretically link my account and buy the Android and Steam pets, but there is no 78th for iOS.

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That makes sense then. Thanks for clearing that up. :grinning: