New Pet - Snowball


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New Pet: Snowball

A new pet has been released, the Snowball. You can get your Snowball from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

The Snowball will also start appearing as a potential Pet Rescue from Pet Gnomes in 3-4 weeks’ time.



He’ll never stop until hell freezes over or melt trying.


This pet should be in the drop pool as of a few days ago. Has anyone got it in a normal pet rescue yet?


We have gotten this pet.


Yes, Friday the first time here.


We got it yesterday.


Only once, but we got it last Saturday.


Did he melt away? It’s been at least a couple weeks since we’ve had this PR. And we’re a fairly active guild…:thinking:


We had it as a rescue today, so it’s just RNG being unkind to your guild.
It’s sort of like how some people can get upwards of 5 copies of a pet when it’s never happened for me, and I’ve played 800-1000 rescues probably.


My guild had it twice today. And i got only one copy each time… :skull:


Thanks…I have an unhealthy hatred now for Snow Bunny and Slimeball. :roll_eyes:
(We’ve had tons of their PR)


Actually Slimeball is one of my guild’s rarest rescues.


And here we have a rabid case of the RNG. She grants not where you want but where you miss.


Yeah, she needs to be adjusted. Not a big ask on my end. Just a code that limits Pet Rescues from having the exact same one trigger more than once a day.
Otherwise, some of these pets need to be taken to the “farm” after a while before it takes years to get a pet to level 20 without using gems.


I don’t know why we can’t use blue orbs on pets. Well, I do really. :roll_eyes:


Me too with the Slimeball but for different reasons. That thing ate a cat I will never rescue it. Glad to see others hating it even if it’s not for that reason.