New Pet - Prancer (Nintendo Switch)

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New Pet: Prancer   A new pet has been released, Prancer. You can get your Prancer from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs. Prancer will only be available from the Holidays Pet Events.

Newish player but I am struggling to do the pet levels, any advice? Level 47. Thanks in advance

@sazdragon Pet Rescues are definitely hard at your level!

After the first level or two, I’d recommend trying to use one of the lower rarity Troops with Devour, as they’re the ones you’re most likely to have or be able to obtain, and once you Devour one of the enemies, you can kind of hold your own for the rest of the battle (with some luck and if you keep at it).

Glutmaw (ultra-rare) or Bulette (rare) would be the two main ones – if you happen to have any higher rarity Troops with Devour, such as Kerberos, you could also use them. Search for ‘Devour’ in the Troop filter (or Spell Effect > Devour).

Combine this with some mana generation to speed things up and give you some control. Apothecary would be my #1 suggestion, or search for ‘Convert Gems’ in the Spell Effect drop-box.

If you’re not able to finish all of the levels, don’t worry – very few players at your level would be able to! You’ll definitely get there sooner or later.

Here are some other options that should work a little further down the line:

  • Prioritise Brown and Red mana mastery levels until you reach 23 in each to unlock the Mang weapon, which converts an Enemy’s Armor into Attack for you.

  • Unlock a Class with the Stone Talent Tree and unlock the level 40 Talent ‘Rock Solid’ to help you survive against harder opponents. This includes Titan (Stormheim), Sentinel (Urskaya), Plaguelord (Darkstone) and Runepriest (Khaziel). Sentinel or Titan will probably serve you best, long-term, although both Plaguelord and Sentinel have useful Class weapons.

  • Unlock the Sentinel Class Weapon, Shield of Urskaya, and combine this with Rowanne (plus some mana generation).

  • Unlock the Plaguelord Class Weapon, Essence of Evil, and use this to render enemy Troops essentially useless. If you level Forest of Thorns to 7, you should get Green Seer who can help generate Green Mana for this.

  • Try to build a ‘looping’ team, especially if you find one or two of the ‘double-converter’ Legendary Troops (Divine Ishbaala, Forest Guardian, Infernal King, Sekhma), or if you unlock the Underworld and can get King Gobtruffle (Amanithrax) or Alderfather (Primal Rift). The Maraji Queen (Sunken Fleet) is pretty good, too.

    • Troops that Convert Gems and also have the Empowered trait will also help get you a head start on the enemy team here (and everywhere), as well.

I hope this helps, ask if you have more questions, and best of luck!


Thank you so much for the advice, I will try later :heart_eyes:

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