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New Pet - McMimic

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-pet-mcmimic/

New Pet: McMimic A new pet has been released, McMimic. You can get McMimic from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs. Please note that McMimic is a special event pet.

Shouldn’t the “Canadian Day Pet” be a beaver or something?
This one seems more like another “USA Day Pet”…


Indeed it is. Pet for US independence day in few days time. I guess independent to eat whatever :poop: you want

Seems more like they are more bought and sold out than independent with this pet

We need an hotdog mimic soon.

I’m just happy to see a return of the red adventure board item. I thought it was a forgotten feature!


Nah, just semi-annual. :grinning:

So, why was’nt this in Pridelands, which DESPERATELY needs another pet? Zaejin has five other pets, it does’nt need another.


I find the McMimic to be hilarious, but on Canada Day, shouldn’t it have been Tim Horton?


4th of July week trumps Canada Day :frowning:

Though we have a lot of McD’s here too, so still rather apt :laughing:

I think McMimic is Weds because 4th of July is on Saturday. The flash offer & red event are for Canada Day.

Or a donut as apparently we have more donut shops per capita than anywhere else. Now there is something to be proud of eh

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Everything is going according to their plan. Which means no plan at all… :thinking:

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I have to type something with small letters so the forums let me post.

Them Goblinses eat all. But I hoped this burger would be for kitties…

There’s a Pridelands pet coming soon…

Leonis Empire on the other hand, shrug