New member of my guild still in my fight list 6 days after joining

Hi, usually this problem only last for some hours after the new member join my guild. But all members of my guild still see in their fight list our new member 6 days later. Is there something to do? Thanks in advance.

@Alpheon @Nimhain @GoldPhoenix0

Beat them up repeatedly until they show deference to their Guild Leader! :smiling_imp:

But seriously, hope you get a fix for this odd situation! :wink:


It could just be someone else with the same name?
Are you absolutely sure it’s the same person? Level, avatar, troops and all?

Yes, 100% sure. Some members of my guild attacked her and she confirmed that she was attacked by them. :frowning:
edit: also in the menu where you can choose between the 3 fights, there is the name of the guild written below each opponents and now on day 3 after she joined, she still appear in my fight list.

day 6 after joining and still in my fighting list… Is there anything to do to fix this prob?

@Nimhain @GoldPhoenix0 @Andrew

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@Alpheon any info about this yet? Will it be fixed after reset? @Nimhain @Saltypatra any answer would be really appreciate ty

We believe it should be fixed after the weekly reset, but please let us know if it does persist.

Hi, still not fixed after weekly reset. She appear in my fight list (in the 3 trophies tier). Other members of my guild told me they also see her in their fight list.

Seems fixed, I have not seen her in my fight list since yesterday. :slightly_smiling_face:

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