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New member filter in Guild and notification of birthday members

@Cyrup I would like to request that the Rooster tab of the guild have a new filter, where we could trace members by the permanence in the guild. This would be useful to know which members are the longest and which are the most recent. We can see the guild time of each one checking the status, but this is a time consuming process and with the mentioned filter we would know in a click.

I would also like to request that the game identify us members who make “guild anniversary” with us, with an icon next to the Class and Pet icons (like the birthday cake I used in the example).

I would like this feature to exist for the other members to congratulate the “brother or sister of guild” for the time along with the Gems of War family.

In my guild, I have more than one member who has been with us for more than a year and I always congratulate them, but I would like the other members to be notified about this and to be inspired in that way too.

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