What's important to you in a Guild? (Closed)


This survey is now closed.

Hey everyone! We’ve got a shiny new survey for you to complete, should you choose to do so. The purpose of this is to understand how Guilds fit into your life and gameplay as a player.

Please find it here, along with further details:

Enjoy. :gem:




Survey completed.


Im going to add here what I added to my survey.

I REALLY hope this is not a step in the direction of monetizing the guild system in some way.


Gems of War Guild review

Your feedback has been sent. The Gems of War team will review responses and send a reward to all respondents on the 24th of August.

Edit : i expect no less than a Zull Goth. Orb of growth is ok too lol


Thanks to everyone who has already taken the time to do the survey. :heart:


the team will reward a gift of 3 Event Keys to all respondents on August the 27th


Most of my responses is we need more in game options for the guild in regard to communication, management, and recruitment.

More requirements for automatic recruitment and a way to display them, guild chat actually working and being useful, ways to advertise guild in game instead of having to spam global chat or forum, and other similar in game integrations.


Free is Free right :innocent:


The Survey is not meant to inform any monetisation goals. It’s predominantly to get a feel for where the major pain points are for you in a Guild and what areas are in for significant improvement. Of course we can already see all your comments on the forums and suggestions there, but this the best way to measure and understand everyone’s thoughts. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I just noticed that the confirmation response still said August 24th for rewards (not 27th). This is incorrect and it’s been updated.


I posted this about a week ago from the day I’m re-posting the link here, and I’m glad to see that there’s a survey about it now and that some things are, apparently, going to improve in the direction I’d love to see. Thanks, guys, I’m thrilled to see what kinds of improvements you’ll make! :smiley:


‘Guild packs’ questions…
I’m saying nothing :no_mouth:


Pay to Guild, coming SoonTM in our super secret 4.0 update that we’ll preview on Salty’s stream on Monday… but only if we get enough viewers!


Hi, I would like to suggest use multiply checkboxes for some questions. Like
"If you had a perfect Guild, what would be most important to you? " &
"What is the main reason you stayed in your current Guild? "
I would select all…


That’s why it says MAIN reason you have to decide which one best fits it


Are the questions for all platforms also, or just PC/Moblie?


Done. Thank you for asking for our input :slight_smile:


I vented a little in the “Other” answers. I’m not sorry lol.


I really enjoyed the survey, it was really cool to give feedback like that!