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New Legendary Task Record! Be part of the #1 Guild in GoW with the most Legendary Tasks in the past year and the All Time Weekly LT Record, 2067 LTs!

12 mythics with 1800+ LTs would be a 1 in 150 chance, much better than the average 1 in 250.

I wish they really improved the drop rate.

Congrats on 1st. Not sure what folks do with all the extra resources when they have everything. I guess it’s not for everyone because I would be bored out my mind. Good luck recruiting nonetheless.

Not all of our members are fully developed and we are always looking for active, ambitious players who love to play the game. On Monday we had one developing member pick up 18 new Mythics between the LTs and the keys from the LTs.

If you are curious, I encourage you to join our Discord server https://discord.gg/PkANRZY, or contact one of us directly.

1 spot open in Son of Guns. 100% event completion and 100% epic task completion makes for a winning combination. 20-40 LT’s per month. We will sometimes wave gold/level requirements for newer folks with exceptional activity/trophy production levels. We consistently crush our GW brackets with minimal effort, so a great guild to come to if you are looking to grind, but don’t want the stress of high-level GW expectations. Contact us today!! Trophy req same as above, but gold min is now 1 million. https://discord.gg/PkANRZY

Sons of Anarchy is always on the lookout for the best of the best. So if you think you have what it takes, come check them out as well…

Welcome to the Community Rifty (it said this was your first post) -

And you are quite correct, these achievements are for PC/Mobile. We only keep track of guilds and players who are in the same player pool as us, given this is a recruitment thread for PC/Mobile players, we’re not really paying much attention to our fellow players on Xbox, PS, or Switch.

But it’s great to hear folks are putting up those huge numbers over on Switch.

And our PC/Mobile streak is now at 49 weeks and our LT record week (for PC/Mobile, dont know the numbers for Xbox, PS, or Switch) ended at 2067 LTs for the week and a total of 14 different mythics.

Happy Gemming,