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New kingdom idea

This is to players and the devs. I am sure they have their reason, but I think a kingdom that has been off in the horizon since pretty much the beginning of gems should be made. There is currently only 4 chacters in it… And that would be Apocolypse. I know that they are the four horsemen and there are no others… but you could always add minions, spirits, daemons, etc.

According to spoilers, some new troops will be added to Apocalypse soon. Like Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Sloth etc. BTW, Xathenos is from Apocalypse too.

In what kingdom will Sleepy, Doc, Sneezy, Bashful, Grumpy, Dopey, and Happy go?
These are dwarves! Not Gnomes! How dare you to call dwarves gnomes!!!

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They are gnomes - The Vault evidently.

Hey an other idea for a new kingdom :joy::rofl:

thought those were getting there own sin kingdom no?

No the 7 Dwarves live with a PRINCESS.

Technically, the princess lives with the 7 dwarves.

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There used to be eight, but the princess they lived with was Elspeth.

Rest in peace, Explodey.

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So, what happened to Sad, Goofy, Yo-Yo, Snappy, Crackle, and Pop?

Yo-Yo Snapped at Crackle and he Popped all this made Goofy so Sad that he died… After all this they didn’t need no kingdom anymore because they went to heaven…. or was it hell… :rofl:

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what I mean is a Kingdom that you can actually upgrade and explore.