New Karakoth Troop Disappearing

Acquired a new Karakoth Troop in the 5 day Giveaway on day 1 and again in a VIP xhest but not only does it not have a proper name but it also does not appear in my Troops list. It’s an Epic Rarity Troop, Think it was supposed to be called Tzazoth or summit but can find the claimed mail that he was in to confirm as that’s disappeared too.

Edited as informed troop was Karakoth not Merlantis.


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Exactly same. More worried about the troop though proper bug. Hoping the day 2 loot is working when I open it later

Not only has that troop been taken by the UFO, but the collected mail is reporting this act of kidnapping as well.

Day two giveaways worked on Xbox, but the Tzar troop there is no where to be found. Maybe the Russians are behind this…

Just a heads up, but it’s actually a Karakoth troop. The Merlantis troop is the one available for glory.

Ahh ok, though it was related to the week event I’ll rename my post. Thanks zippity x

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