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New Halloween Troop

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-halloween-troop/

New Legendary Troop: The Ghost Queen To celebrate Halloween this year, we have released a new troop, The Ghost Queen. You can unlock her from a special Halloween Adventure Board Task available only for the next 24hrs. She can also be found in Glory, Gem & VIP Chests from today.


I really like the art for this troop and her spell!


Best Gems of War Gift in a long time


Not a skeleton/10.

Jokes aside, a great gift for people who can beat the task easily and a challenge with a great reward for those with less power/levels overall.

I wish the troop designs of Ghulvania would have more royalty/noble titles used. We already have a lot of vampires alluding to Count Dracula in a way or another, but not with a proper title in their names.

Now give us a Bone Baroness.


Yes, some serious TW3 vibes here, those damned Nightwraiths, lol