Ghosts 'n Goblins

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New Epic Troop: Gloomhob Gloomhob will be available again this week for 400 Glory in the shop. World Event: Ghostbustin’ There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Spectral Colossus, Captain Skullbeard, Morthani’s Will, The Ghost Queen, King Bloodhammer, and The Gray King. The first 5 battles are randomly chosen, but they…


Thanks for returning to a rarity-based order for World Event scoring, it is appreciated!


Ooh, “Ghost Gems”. That’s new.

Now you can use the in-battle chat and see the heroic gems guide.


Wow, that’s a lot. Looks like we have more on the way: Entangle, Stun, Barrier Gems.

…though I think I might rather have it only explain Gems presently on the board, rather than just a guide to everything…

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the bounty troop Treekin can already make Entangle gems and the troop is as useless as Entangle gems sounds like.

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What are we looking at for points per member and tier buy in for this weeks world event?

So, they managed to put that guide in game, but still can’t be bothered to put World Event scoring in game…awesome!!!


I have used Treekin in just one, very specific narrow context—running a delve up to 500 (regular, not PF) where I can use Red, but not Green or Purple.

A pretty safe, quick and easy team I used to 500 everywhere I could was:

Hero, sunspear class, guardian crown
Thrall or Marilith

I replaced Alderfather with Treekin in 4th place in a couple of delves with red but no green or purple. It was not very many with that limitation

Make a couple entangle gems, nuke the board and entangle multiple enemies, instead of alderfathers passive entangle

Green Golem would serve same purpose if yellow was available, but most yellow delves I used an Irongut strategy instead

Also clearly there are many, many other strategies for delves. Just a random anecdote, haven’t used Treekin anywhere else. Even as an early game tank, barkskin instead of stoneskin makes it a little worse than the other two Treant options probably

2067 points per member with a full guild for all rewards. At least tier III minimum, some may need to buy more tiers.