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New Guild Recruiting for Mobile! (Chairman Mao)

US Pacific zone, I play this alot, for half a year now, currently lvl 256, weekly mission I personal push to rank 1, play around 100-200 arena games, get glory keys and repeat, or just PVP to farm gold for donation. I was in my first guild for all this time and contributed around 3m, but then i decided to leave today and made this new guild because the leader was inactive. So if you like this game and play for fun, and love to help each other out by donating, welcome and let us journal to the top guild!

which os is this for: steam/ios/android or ps4 or xbox? for now ill assume pc

Hi there! It is Mobile, forgot to add it to description

fixed the topic category for you :slight_smile:

I don’t see why you need 2 topics.

haha thanks man, new to this forum:joy:

I’m just starting out on mobile version and need a decent guild to get further along in the game
My invite code is Prudence_1 IF you still have room