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Need players to rebuild a higher-level guild

Name: aushield
Platform: PC/Mobile
Level 138 Guild Rank 232
Guild Master II (220% daily bonus.)
Gem bonuses:
Green-Yellow-Purple 46
Brown-Red 47
Purple 49

We are an old guild that was ranked as high as 180, but lost some key players after the guild update and have been slipping since. We are not hardcore, but I’d sure like to be a little harder-core than we are.

10 slots open.

You may want to list what console this guild is on or if it’s a PC/Mobile guild. :slight_smile:

Oops. I thought I put this in the PC/Mobile category. I’ll make sure it is clear. Thank you.

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is this still open? would like to join. willing to step out of the one i am in and join this one

name is Vitor

Hi !
If is this still open I m ready to join us ! I m mobile player (sorry for my bad english, I’m french, We are almost all hopeless !)

In this time I’m lv 148 with 7 cities lvl 10.

My name is Ichigo.