PC/Mobile - Rank 187 Guild - Looking to merge w/another Guild

Our guild has 8-10 active members and we would like to merge with another guild. This is PC/Mobile.
Our current guild is ranked in the 180’s but we lost about half of our active members recently. We’d like to find another guild that needs 8-10-12 new members so we can stop losing ground. PM or reply if interested.

If you have a lower level guild who has a lot of open spots, you can merge with us and immediately get the benefits. We could bring as many as 15 members.

Hi Ken, we might be a match if you are still looking.
We had once made it up to level 280 but are now down to 390 as we only have about 11 people playing regularly.

We are at Master 3 240% gold and have our guild statues at level 55-62

Do you have any minimum weekly requirements of your members?

Hey, sounds like a possibility. I sent you a PM.

Here’s hoping this works out for all of you!
Love to see the forums working like this! :hugging: