New Guild Looking for Members! Zebra Party

We’re a small casual guild looking to grow for everyone’s mutual benefit. The guild is only 5 members strong at present, but we’re all active players who contribute as much as each of us can (almost all my gold goes into the guild but I don’t expect that of anyone).

We’re mostly working adults, and don’t take this too seriously, but really enjoy the game and would enjoy bolstering our numbers with more like minded players!

We’re flagged open to new members, and are called Zebra Party. Contact me directly with any questions or just jump on in :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile: … i would like an invite pls … I am in Australia so may not be available for any direct chat tho because of time differences … currently in a guild however looking for a more active one without impossible type requirements for contributions … my invite code is edye … thanx

Terrific, but I need you to drop out of your existing guild before it will allow me to invite you. Welcome to the team!

Hi Joshua … will do it now … looking forward to the invite …

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I tried inviting again, still says you’re in a guild.