Looking for casual players!


“The Mables” need players!

Looking for a guild, to get those nice bonuses and task rewards?
Scared off because this means obligations and “you have to this and you have to do that to part of the group, or you will get kicked”.

We have only 2 rules in our guild.

  1. Be civil.
  2. if you are not going to active for a while, say so in the chat, so I dont kick you if I need to so some house cleaning (aka make room for others).

Currently we are 4 people who knows each other in real life, and we play very casual, but almost every day. We are Silver 1 rank (18 point away from the next promotion). One player is lvl 154 and the other three of us is around 60-70’ish. We have +5 in most colors and a few with +6 (if i remember correct).

Why recruit?
Well we have room for 24, and why not share the things we have and get? It wilol not take anything away from us ;).

If this sound like you kind of thing, write me here, in the game or join us by some other way (I have no idea if you can seach for us and join us in the game… I never tried that, so… ;)).

Level restrictions: you have to be between level 0 and 1001. Did I miss anyone?

Happy hunting!

Tiqon (Gems name “Tiqon_2” (yeah, had a old account I forgot about… so dont write to “Tiqon” in the game).