Seeking a casual guild (PC/Mobile)

I’m level 61 and still working on kingdom quests/levels and unlocking factions. I’m interested in guild events and game modes, but I don’t like competing against other players.

Is there a casual guild for players who don’t like PvP? Should I make a guild just for myself? Ignore guilds completely?

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Try Hodlin’

If you have discord then feel free to join the server. Rather than start your own guild, you could play when and however you want in SNR. Openings are in RAR if you want Requirements. Just a fyi, PvP isn’t real life players. It’s still the AI making the moves just like in guild events. The only difference is the players choose those Defenses in PvP.

If you’re replying, please include the actual name of your guild. I’ve edited the subject line since apparently the forum forces me to crosspost to general chat.

Also, if your guild is so famous I’m expected to recognize it from its initials, you’re probably not the sort of casual, no-PvP guild I’m looking for.

Lol…I posted a link for you to review the information. (The full guild names can be found there.) But good luck with your search! :grinning: