New Guild Guardians Available



That’s a pretty unexpected number. Guild Guardians used to drop at 50%, which this isn’t even close to. Maybe the rate gets proportionally lower the more you have at mythic? Your first set is probably complete, 83:260 roughly matches a 50% * 6 / 12 = 25% drop chance.

Could have sworn this happened last time when guardians was introduced…
And when gnomes were added…

“Its the fault of X” only works the first time, not the 3rd

Seems to me there’s only two ways to fix this.

  1. Build a robot to trawl the key logs and take away all the guardians people got from Gold Keys.

  2. Convert all copies of Guild Guardians that have dropped into Gem Keys and relaunch them next week.

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We need official response about this. Don’t sweep it under the rug!


which is good if it were in guild chest, the smaller the number, the better

I suspect that the Devs will find some scapegoat to blame this on and since it will be a lot of work to take away the mythic guardians those that got them there will be allowed to keep it.

I just don’t understand why this was not tested by the beta testers as this was new content and not a bug fix (read this as stealth nerf as all bug fixes lately have just been nerfs in disguise).

I don’t understand how they could mess this one up. Do they have unsupervised interns releasing guild guardians or something?

This seems like a no brainer. You’re releasing new guild guardians, you should check for things that could possibly go wrong. Will they be available where they should be? Check guild chests. Will they NOT be available where they shouldn’t be? Check other chests, check event shops, check soulforge. It’s not even a completely new thing, just make sure things are done the same for the new guardians as they are for the old. This really shouldn’t have happened. Come on, I know you can do better.


Omgzzz if i smh any harder, it’s gonna do a full exorcist spin.

But hey, look at how quick they fixed it. :eyeroll:


Well that’s really, really irritating, because I used a colossal amount of minor and major clan orbs to get my guardians to where they are, yet people have gotten just as far through gold chests? I really hope they can track and remove the guardians that people got from gold chests. That’s super unfair that I had to waste guild keys to get them when others got them from gold keys…

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Cuz was an easy fix, look like instead that changing the color that give bonus to Queen Moonclaw spell require whole Nasa working on it at very least.

Past 1 month since report and still bugged the same (could have been useful together with the new wargare guardian lol).

Ps: and there’s no need to find any scapegoat, is 780% 505 fault ofc :3

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people have thrown orbs on them too so simply removing copies isn’t as easy as just doing a wipe now.

Funny, I opened a lotta gold keys and I didn’t get one of the new statues.

When Zuul was made available in the soulforge, those of us who crafted & traited him had everything taken back from us as it was considered ‘unfair’ - I expect the same to happen with guild guardians that people got from gold chests. Refund the gold, refund the stones, refund the orbs. Either that or admit your update is a massive cluster**ck & allow us all to have what others have - shit, I’ll even give you 5k gold keys if you want so I can have the guardians too rather than having my guild chest drop pool watered down beyond belief while I grind my ass off to get them all within touching distance of mythic. I’m ascension orb poor (only 3 minors) so I’ll welcome the opportunity to have it easy.


I also demand a callback.

Just for reference…

Gnomes briefly appeared in soul forge, devs let them keep it.
Entire guild got Xanthenos from mythic task, devs let them keep it.
Zull Goth craftable as normal mythic in soul forge, devs took that away.

When my schedule allowed it, I used to always check soul forge at reset in case something good slipped in.

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I assume no one was punished in any of those cases? So is the moral to abuse any potential bug in the Soul Forge or chests? If not, you’re missing out on easy troops.


Gnomes and Zuul are a kinda big deal, Xan not so much. But these guardians are a serious nerf to everyones guild seals in that they are going to take a large percentage of possible high value rolls away from every single seal that someone opens until they get the guardians mythic.

The Devs better take them away from everyone who got them with gold keys, leave them with the folks that got them legitimately, so what its a lot of work, its the Dev’s own screw up so they should do the work and get rid of them.


No players were punished…

And while I wouldn’t phrase it the way you did, you can get some nice things checking the game right after new week. Because almost everything that isn’t supposed to be in the soul forge, ends up in the soul forge at least once.
Checking gold key chests is a new one to think about, I guess not surprising with a new batch of common troops released. When the next batch releases, I bet there will be quite the spike of key chests opens just to check lol

Also demand a callback… I prepared so many guild seals and you told me somebody already get mythic guardians from GOLD chest? It’s unfair.