New Guild Guardians Available

It’s because I used ascension orbs to mythic them. That’s why I have extras.


Player beneficial bugs always get patched quickly. Dev/publisher bugs take months/years if ever at all.


Doubt anything will happen, wasnt the same for some gnomes too in the past?

They silently fixed it quite fast and that is.

So, once again, grats to whoever manage to get all mythic guardians so cheap.

Let alone that everytime they tried do anything about their game exploits/bugs only made it worser and worser, i am planing to try out at least some of those guardians in gw defs, would be hilarious if then they remove them all fking up defs.

I paid 25k guild seal and 6 ascension orbs. It wasn’t exactly cheap.

While some others did with just gold keys.

Those are the ones i am saying grats to lol.

My apologies. I misinterpreted your statement.

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NP, beside you’re a good example of why (and is better so) they just will stay quiet and pretend nothing happened.

To “fix” a rollback would be needed then they should check every account to see how many seals each one used AND how many orbs too? will never happen ofc.

Is quite annoying tho that this stuff keep happening so often (like for gnomes too).

Kinda fought atm, i used 6k seals too for now , if i wanna use them in gw’s would be better get them mythic but on other side seen i still miss some mythics (normal ones) would be better if i wait until we get 40k seals to spam guild chests…

Well, guess can try them out even if arent mythic (or even legendary, got them to U-rare for now hehe).

I got about 5 from gold chests.
Then I figured I might as well wrap them up and started opening more chests, they fixed it in the meantime.
That’s about 50% of my weekly gold wasted. :rage:

25k! Looks like I need more seals…

I would like to sympathize, but I have no sympathy for exploiters.


Btw as a “good” side of not having them mythic there’s that ragereaver + 3 bovine guardians is incredibly op and being your score low you get quite more money from pvp matches.

First turn vs a L&D lol:

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BuT tHaT iS eXpLoItInG oUr ExPlOiT fIx!!1!1!111
Imagine using that for commons

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Would actually work even better, the insane boost you get from 4 matches will pump them anyway at insane stats in no time.

But yeah, prolly the new guardians are gonna get a nerf soon OR maybe can we have 1 of the Ragereaver colors changed to red? would make an osom red team for red gw day :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering that the official information was fairly limited to say the least, I honestly thought I had missed an announcement and that they were putting them in gold chests intentionally.
Is that exploiting?

What is the drop rate supposed to be on them. I opened 50 guild chests and got a whole mess of them. Opened another 150+ chests and got zero. That seems not right. Given they patched something today because they screwed up. I’m highly inclined to believe they screwed more things up.


Please post a screenshot of you collection, filtered by kingdom “Guardians”. Maybe they got the cutoff wrong, stopping at four owned, not four owned at mythic.

They definitely botched something.

Here’s my own collection: 0

I wonder what will the developers do.

If it was a mistake that it was available for the Gold, they should fix it by reverting the change or make it available again with Gold for everyone.

So how did WordPress muck up the chests? Are we going to get apologems since people exploited the gold chests, or are gold chests going to be removed?


Working back from my collection it seems like it is probably a presentation issue combined with rng and me being not fully awake.

Out of 260 I pulled 83 guardians.