New Guild Guardians Available

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New Guardians Released The 6 new Guardians are now available in Guild Chests. As mentioned in the 4.7 Patch Notes, Players now only need to have a Guardian at Mythic rarity with 4 copies of it, and then that Guardian will no longer appear in Guild Chests. You can read more about them below. Treachery…


There’s a typo in your post, you clearly meant to say Gold Chests. The devs would never make such a simple mistake ask to unintentionally put Guild Guardians into Gold Chests, allowing players who happen to have a massive stash of Gold Keys to quickly obtain and ascend these troops without wasting seals, right? So clearly this is on purpose.


Can confirm, I got a bunch when opening my guild task keys on PS4.

I don’t know about guild chests, but they are definitely dropping from GOLD chests right now.

Well they do want a lot of gold sunk into things so look like we need to buy gold keys for 15k per 50

Well I hope they stay in gold chests and they just make 6 new guardians for the guild chests. :slight_smile:
That would be a nice holiday treat^^


I can confirm this as well. The new guardians are definately in the gold chest drop pool.

Is it considered an exploit to spend resources opening chests? I feel like this puts players in a very unfair position; lots of people are definitely maxing their guardians right now, and can use them in GW teams this week.


Same, 200 Gold Chests purchased and

Some people already have all the (new) guild guardians at mythic level by now.


Came here to report this, but now just to confirm, they are indeed gold chests:

I stopped at just getting them all to confirm, not going to open anymore guild chests for now. I suggest nobody go full tilt opening gold chests to ascend them, as this will likely be considered an exploit. I don’t think anybody opening a few hundred gold chests will rise to the level of “exploit”, but people doing tens of thousands of gold keys right now and then ascending guardains… yeah, pretty easy to put two and two together what your intent was.

If they all get taken away from everyone and then refund all guild chests opened for the week (currently only the last 40 mins or so) to cover the people legitimately chasing them, thats probably an acceptable fix as well. Hope this gets addressed quick.


Well, I guess I’ll be waiting and using 6 major ascension orbs on them, instead of maxing them for (basically) free. Feels great.

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I was actually going to use my ascension orbs to craft a 2nd Zuul’Goth. :joy:

I’m thinking they changed it to gold keys, or they wouldn’t be there. Maybe as a gift due to all the 4.7 blowback they got. Good move on their part since Guild Keys will remain their value.

Im more annoyed at the seal bug tbh


I think it’s already been fixed. Went to test after checking in here and hearing reports in-game, aiming for the same as here:

And came up empty-handed.

On another note – Guild Chests, Gold Chests – an easy mistake, amirite?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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What on earth? I have no idea how to interpret what happened to you.


Oh, I found them all right.


P.S. - I pulled all mine from guild chests. Never even thought to look anywhere else.


Looks like he just threw down clan orbs, imo doesn’t seem to be out of the ordinary.

EDIT: nvm, I looked at the wrong picture, issue is there are less guild seals than what it was supposed to be.

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I thought it was supposed to stop at 4 of each guardian and not go further. :man_shrugging: