New "Fantasy Series" forum category


Hey there everyone who has been enjoying the Fantasy Series.
Great job!

We’ve added a new “Fantasy Series” category to the forum so you’ll be able to group and find your posts much more easily.



That’s fantastic, thank you!


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Oh My god to the fricken yes mate!!!


Thanks so much for doing this! <3


Awesome! This is great news! Thanks for doing this, will make following it much easier! :smiley:


Took this opportunity to move the previous series into the new category.
Should help people understand why this is the 2nd Series.

Thanks, Sirrian!


Thanks Sirrian :smile:


Is it possible to block\hide The whole category? The last days everything is full of these fantasy series topics. I only wanna read stuff about the real game and not this forum fantasy **** :stuck_out_tongue:


There actually is a way.

From the main forum page, go to either the top left corner where it says ‘all categories’, or the top right corner, with the button showing three lines. Select ‘Fantasy Series’ to show only those threads. In the top right corner, there should be a button right under your avatar with a circle. Click on that, and the rest is up to you. This can, of course, also be done for any other subforum you’re not interested in (i.e. bug reports for the device you’re not using).

Sirrian can confirm this was one of the exact reasons I suggested this to him in the first place! I sort of looked through our plans for Series 2 and thought ‘this is going to take up so much space’… But it definitely makes it easier for those interested to sift through them all.

Plus its cool that we’ve got a subforum.


Also please mind the language.


Do mind your language please, kids read these forums (including mine)…

Edit: simulpost with @Machiknight


I’ve also muted the category, was finding it hard going, and do share your views…