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New Faction - Duergaroth

Originally published at: New Faction – Duergaroth – Gems of War

New Faction: Duergaroth Join Finley, as you explore the deep dwarven fortress of Duergaroth! We have a new Faction to delve, as well as lots of new troops, controlled by Nyar’Mel! To celebrate the release of this new Faction, we will be running a Faction event over the weekend for Duergaroth.

image image

Transform to “a gem of a chosen color” … what.

All the other inconsistencies notwithstanding, this one is particularly … ugh.


Looks like a very good faction to farm, last 4 rooms look to be treasure rooms all the time, making it just a bit better then city of thiefs.

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What team would you use to farm, though? No Rowanne or Tesla.

Edit: also, City of Thieves has two guaranteed legendary rooms in addition to the three treasure rooms. The Lv 20 map I got in the faction event has only a single legendary room.


Mountain crusher

For the lower levels

Something like HKI + Thrall later on I think

Level 50 farming

Pharos Ra
Pharos Ra

9 x 400+ souls plus whatever bonus, nice treasure rooms - possibly 18-21k a day souls - 3 days, 1 troop to elite level etc. 1 shot all with Venoxia and 2 Nysha medals, can probably 1 shot some rooms without Nysha medals.

Tidecaller/Titan/Frostmage with Chaos Storm on. Multiple effective banners, using the Vampiric from Vampire Warbands - 2 purple 1 green in COT.


HKI (brown check)
Angry Mob or Thrall (brown or purple check)
EoE or Hope’s Crescent (weapon check)
Stargazer (purple check)

Quite possibly HKI gets 100 attack without Stargazer, so plenty of options back there as an alternative, maybe Emperinazara. Hope’s scales and it’s excellent in E12 with Dervish and Hunters Mark, won’t 1 shot at 500, but will likely 2 shot.

Dervish if Hope’s Crescent, something with Hunter’s Mark and fast start if not - Archer maybe - choice of banner.



Less early-game accessible, but Lep/Gaard’s Avatar/Quentin works alright – although the stone blocks are a bit annoying.

Karakoth has three fairly accessible pets already, as well, which means you wouldn’t be missing out on Power Levels as much as Leonis (main reason we both bought Calico Jack to Mythic on release :stuck_out_tongue:).

Sunbird’s there, but you’d need decent Hoard levels to make that work well as a newbie (or late-gamer) and no half-start (Axelubber/Herald of Damnation instead of Maraji/FG, + Lep). I guess there are a few other “… to all enemies” troops – Ghost Queen, Vanya, Lep and Fire Ruby Staff (50% start class) as another, more accessible (mid-game) option, maybe? :woozy_face:

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level 50 farming, Thrall/Scourge of Honor will do the trick
level 500 farming, High King Irongut/Curse will also do the trick


I’ve gotta say, the stone blocks and “upon enemy spellcasting” trait are two innovations that are making these battles feel fresher than any I’ve battled in a long, long while.

More of this sort of thing, please; mechanics being updated (as long as they are improved, or lateral shifts in gameplay) is one of the things that first drew me to Gems of War, and I’d forgotten how much I missed the taste of something new :+1:


Yes yes yes. This is definitely awesome! :heart:

This will sound weird no matter how it’s said so I’ll just say it: thank you devs for releasing this faction without any (obvious) bugs. All images showed up, map path works as expected, and troops spells work together and can scale in damage. Like what @Magnusimus said, it feels fresh and fun. So thank you for a fun innovation. I say fun innovation because Labyrinth was an innovation but the barrier troop was made useless due to the innovation. Whereas this one the all work both with and against each other.


Are you aware about Mirrored Halls? 4 treasure rooms as well. But we love City of Thieves not only for treasures.

After the disaster that was Labyrinth, this one might be called a success: good troops, good room layout and no trolling abilities.
Thank you and congratulations!


No one has mentioned the best part of this delve yet.
And honestly I wish it was the same for EVERY delve.
Duergaroth only requires 3 rooms to complete it.