New Custom Mythic Card "Cobra"

I create these mythic cards for fun. I hope you guys like it.
The idea is to utilize the death mark better in Gems of war and create a great combination with the Duskbringer weapon.


It’s cool — needs a unique 3rd trait, though :wink:

50% chance to Inflict either Poison, Bleed, or Death Mark on all enemies at the start of my turn…

Nice 3rd Trait.

Now THAT’S niiiiice!!

This is a good example of why, even though the Devs sometimes release really bad troops, it’s good that players can’t create troops.

  • Fortitude is a trait unique to Dwarf type troops.There is not a single troop that has Fortitude that isn’t a Dwarf. Your troop is a Naga / Beast, so it would not have Fortitude, ever.
  • There are very, very few troops in the game that double dip into their Magic. Megavore is one of them (Magic2 + 7), and it deals single target damage. TINA-9000 is another (Magic+4 min to Magic2+8 maximum damage). It’s true damage, but the targets are random and only 3. The Archdeva is another (Magic2 + 1), but it’s a single cast. So you’re absolutely not going to see a Magic2 + 7 damage to ALL troop. That’s crazy. There are some cases of Mythics doing double damage to all, but it’s conditional damage (Phoenicia requires a Firestorm).
  • Very few troops have lethal damage. They are: Scorpius (on last two enemies if they are poisoned), Megavore (8% chance on last target on 4+ match), Ubastet (two weakest are targeted – if one dies, the other is killed). Zuul’Goth (a boss that costs 8 Orbs of Power, single target). Captain Macaw (enemy must be Submerged, single target). Dullahan (kills either your first troop or enemy first troop). Scylla has a 25% chance to kill the last enemy. It would be unprecedented to kill a non-Boss mythic a way to kill EVERY enemy troop so long as they are death marked.

Just… no. Sorry. The game doesn’t need power creep like this.

This card has no purple numbers, so its magic stat is irrelevant — it’s Tesla in this regard.

I’ll also note I didn’t notice at first that the spell would be the lethal part. That’s OP — make it a 10% or something, or apply to only the strongest/weakest troop, given how many easy ways there are to apply a cheap Death Mark.

I gathered that was only because the OP didn’t custom color the text, not because he intended it to be a static damage amount. In the latter case, 57 flat damage would be outrageous. It would effectively be immune to Web, but more so, it would single handily be the best mythic a new player could get, because their personal Magic would have no benefit (a player without any Magic from Kingdoms, Team Bonuses, Medals, Delves, etc.)

My Euryali team I’m using right now (not optimized — just soul farming and getting to PVP Tier 1) has her doing 52 True Damage to all enemies.

I don’t think 57 normal damage to all would be all that strong in comparison, even if Webbing couldn’t eliminate it :man_shrugging:

57 is a weird number, though, and a troop with the potential to auto-kill doesn’t need to do so much damage, I’ll concede :joy:

Maybe 25 to all, boosted by Death Marks, at a x5?

Euryali scales with Magic and can’t kill an entire team.

Step 1: Deathknight class (Death Mark all enemies when I die) with a purple, red, or green weapon.
Step 2: Forest Guardian. All Beasts start battle with 50% Mana.
Step 2: Kill your hero with Princess Elspeth, creating 11 purple/red/green gems to fill Cobra.
Step 3: Cast Cobra, instantly killing every enemy troop.

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…which is why I also said this:

Nowhere have I advocated that this troop actually enter the game as-written by the OP (it wouldn’t/couldn’t just for intellectual property reasons, let alone game balance, but if you look at my posts in their totality you’ll see a dialectic taking place in an attempt to reach a realistic balance, rather than just an unhelpful stamp of “Nuh-uh” or “ZOMGYEAH”), or that any troop in the game should be able to cheese the way you’ve outlined.

This is just theory-crafting — harmless fun.

And there are some players on these boards who would make Gems of War more fun for me than some of the current game designers do, from a game design perspective: just look at some of @TheIdleOne ’s past posts about needed changes to out-of-date mythics to see how capable this community can be and realize why I might take issue with the assertion “players shouldn’t design troops.”

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I honestly wouldn’t mind having a troop that can instantly kill all enemies with Death Mark. HOWEVER, the damage (if no instakill) would have to be much lower than what is pictured in the OP. And the mana cost would have to be much higher, perhaps 35 or 40. But even that might not be much of a hurdle with a 50% mana start available.

That is a good example for players don’t understand the meaning of create for fun. I never claimed I am an expert or know it all. Sure it might be too powerful or might have traits that don’t belong to the type of the troop. This is where we can discuss and learn from each other instead of saying players should not create a card. It is made to have fun and to highlight the need to utilize the death mark better in the game instead of what we were getting lately as new cards that are useless and even strange the way it is made. Thank God you agree on this one as well.
Thank for you comment though… I appreciate you trying to explain some of the Traits rules, which was a great point.
Thank you guys for your comments.

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Here is the Mythic card after incorporating most of your feedbacks.

Boost Rate is x10