New Mythic idea or request

We have no mythic humans in Gems of War! now we all know we could use a mythic human but what kind? what colors? the who and the from where? As usual share your thoughts and ideas but this is my request for a mythic tier human troop and my idea for one :stuck_out_tongue:

“King Arthur” Human/knight
30 mana Green/Blue/Yellow “Excalibur” “Destroy all gems around 1+ ( magic score ) skulls on the board”

Trait 1 Allied knights gain 2 to a random skill
Trait 2 allies gain 2 to a random skill
Trait 3 “King of Kings” if in first slot +5 to all skills and 75% skull damage reduction.



  1. Yes, a Mythic Human would be nice.
  2. That spell sounds substantially worse than Carnex’s: “Chain Reaction (15 Red/Purple): Explode 10 random Skulls. Gain [Magic + 3] Armor.”
  3. No troop has more than one unique trait. Only one of your three could be used as the Mythic’s third. Either of the last two could be third traits, though Dispel is generally regarded as weak.
  4. The first trait is weaker than Blessed, which is probably okay.

Given that spoilers show that Knight of Anu is planned as Sword’s Edge mythic and most of the knights from there are humans, I suspect we might get a human mythic there… maybe. Of course there’s the chance of Divine/Knight instead, which would upset me, but yeah, Anu is a god. But still… hope is there.

The skill is destroy all gems around skulls and higher magic=more skulls. You can not increase how many skulls carnax explodes. Exploding decreases mana gained vs destroying which gives full mana. Also exploding skulls removes them from play and stops you from using them to attack with. This skill increases the odds of doing skull damage and also gives mana to the team. I really do not see this skills to be comparable at all. One exploding the other is destroying one removes skulls the other keeps them. They both have different magic growth . Ones a Legendary mech the other is a mythical human knight :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, I see. In that case I see the spell as significantly worse that Carnex’s due to the potential it has of setting up Skull matches for your opponent. Due to the AI generally prioritizing Skulls over other matches, Carnex typically already explodes them all with his spell, and at least generates some damage for your team instead of backfiring.

How did you intend adjacent or diagonal Skulls to function? Would they destroy one another, or are Skulls “immune” to the destroy clause?


Agree it would be nice to have a Mythic tier human, though traditionally Mythics tend to be demigods, daemons, mega dragons, primal things with excess wings, spikes and claws, so it’s tricky to see a human Mythic fitting in.

King Arthur ideas have come up before, and agree it’s a nice candidate for the Mythic human spot. This game’s mythos tends to spin its own fantasy with light inspiration from various mythologies and tales, so again not sure a straight King Arthur repeat character is the best way to have it fit. A ‘king of kings’ role might work - unclear how that fits Krystara’s decidedly patchy political geography.

For your troop design:

  • as @lyya says the spell is weird - unintuitive, over-costed and likely to backfire. I like how you strive to make ideas different to the existing - this feels gimmicky and different for the sake of it. Explode is a known mechanic, writing nearly variants on it will confuse players. I get the nuances on mana collection, but tbh the 70% hardly hampers exploder teams, and typically more mana comes from resulting cascades.
  • the traits could be more than just a few number gains
  • I’d really like to see a design with more clever synergy with itself and with other humans (and /or knights, I take the point these are sometimes hard to separate in-game). Your colour combo clashes with QY who has to be one of the most obvious/interesting troops to design a role with. I might say go blue/brown/yellow, at least leaving QY to collect green.

(You’ve also not set it to a kingdom - minor point, but I’m guessing Swords Edge is the obvious one)

If I had a go, I might rework this as:

High King Arthrus
SwordsEdge Mythic Human Knight
Spell Excalibur 20 Blue/Brown/Yellow mana
Deal [magic+numbers tbc] damage to the first and last enemies, boosted by all allies’ Armour stat [ratio 4:1 tbc]. Deal double damage to Purple enemies.
Trait 1: Human Shield: ally humans gain 2 Armour
Trait 2: Holy Armour: reduce skull damage by 40% (could put Stoneskin here)
Trait 3: King Of Kings: ally humans restore 2-3 lost Armour per turn (so only if damaged), and ally knights restore 2-3 lost Armour per turn (repeat, so Human-knights get double effect)

Just the first set of ideas that comes to mind. I’d always leave actual numbers to devs for tuning. I’ve deliberately avoided board mod / control, as I think spells shouldn’t do that and high damage hits.

Combining this with QY and a few humans (Alchemist? Gwayne?) might make some fun builds. Stacking the Armour gain/repair from him and QY, and/or multiples of both, leads to something v hard to kill with AoE, but easily countered with true damage.

@Shinnanigens I like how your recent arrival here has brought new energy to creative / new idea threads - don’t mean to appear always to reject your stuff, but many of us have been here kicking similar things around for three years. Keep it up and maybe we can learn from / inspire each other and the devs


Queen Ysabelle already gives humans +2 armor per turn, but no humans benefit from armor gains except Tesla… barely.

So, I’d rather not see anything remotely similar as the mythic trait unless there’s more human troops that have an armor payoff.

Um I think that’s what I just wrote?

not really, your post reads to me that you would like to see the mythic stack with QY for multiple armor gains.

I don’t unless there are some humans that use armor for their attacks. (like Paladin, except that’s not human).

I rather see something more unique… like

3rd Trait: Inspirational Charge: Random ally Human gains 2 mana when I gain mana or Random Human ally gets enchanted on 4/5 match.

Not that those are the greatest examples either.

Um my spell draft idea boosts by armour?

I agree that more of them to mix in would also be useful and cement armour-boosting as a human/knight thing. It’s also a divine thing and there’s also Rowanne so it’s not cleanly used as a theme in any one place.

Thanks for the feedback lol but I have been playing GoW for three years as well I just never wanted to join the forum because I generally stay away from game forums I just finally decided to make one because I do have a creative side and well finally got around to it. I was not really trying to attack you @Jainus with my previous comment you just never seemed to have positive things to add.

Actually i expect this spell to perform a lot better than the Carnex one.
It effectively explodes the skulls without destroying them, which will result in a board settling into skull matches immediately most of the time even on random boards and in devastating skull clusters on beforehand manipulated boards(most probably with extraturns from 4+skulls). A remaining skullmatch for the AI here and there will prove insignificant considering his 75% skull damage reduction. Oh yeah and there is the full mana per destroyed gem thing too.

Personally i am a big fan of this spell idea and would like to see something like that.

I like how it’s not just another explode gems and do AOE damage like what’s been shipped out recently.

Also can’t wait for more submerged troops to circumvent the BS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: