New Adventures and Troop

The Adventure Board is cool for resources, but it would be fun to see some other tasks with other benefits:

Beg for Buffs - all player troops get +2%, +3%, and +5% (3 tasks, with percentages additive) to all skills for the day

Whine for Nerfs - all opponent troops get -2%, -3%, and -5% to all skills for the day

Also, I would love to have a Vault troop that people actually want to put in a deck. Presenting…

Gnome Gnome - Transform a selected opponent troop into a random Gnome. 5% chance for the Gnome to have its treasure bag. Can only be cast once.


We can only get those if we also add the realistic forums counterparts

Settle for Average - 1 Gem orb. 100,000 gem orbs can be redeemed for 100,000 gems.
Call for Stability - Rewards are for people who want the game to be too easy. The reward for this task is the feeling of accomplishment at a job well done.

I wasn’t going to comment on the Gnome Gnome but you have me intrigued both from a skill perspective and the flavor perspective. 5%'s too high though. We have objective proof some people play 1500+ games/week, that’s 75 treasure bags, or 15 years of Vault weekends.

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Percentages are just placeholders - I was thinking to put it on the high side since the troop is otherwise useless, but maybe 2% or 1% would be better.

Aren’t the odds of encountering a gnome normally like 1-2%?

That’s the going theory. It’s never been confirmed but it does feel like 1%.

Also, what if Gnome Gnome were a base mythic troop only available as an extremely rare drop from The Vault? After all, he’s kind of like a Gnome god of sorts.

Chances are high this suggestion will get you visit from a heavily armed flash mob of OCD players that repeatedly failed to hit the 0.01% chance to pull the gnome with their very limited amount of vault keys. Please relocate to Antarctica, that should put enough distance between us that I won’t have to suffer collateral damage.

I think he will get skinned alive if this suggestion actually comes to fruition.
It’s a bad suggestion, and I would rather have developers busy with much more important matters than this one.

Ever think to yourself, “Gee, I wonder if I’m over-reacting to a half-serious suggestion about a hypothetical feature in a video game?”

Asking for a friend.