Need more people for parton the family

We have a guild that has 8 more spots (Parton the family) We are a very active group, and work hard to get everyone keys,gems,maps. We love the game and want to meet people that feel the same. Right now we are 50 trophys up and growing. once again guild name is parton the family. leave hero tag if you want in.

Don’t spam with advertising, you already created a post about your guild recruiting not even an hour ago.


In his defense, he was just following melkathi’s instructions:

Fair enough, I just said that to prevent further spamming, no bad intentions.

yes no harm just follow orders hoping to find members and sorry for any problems.

Suggestion, not instruction :smile:

Again though, best wishes for the guild and welcome to The Community.

send me an invite.

my code = TINUS

i play several hours every single day. was in a guild before, contributed over 10k gold in a week but 80% of the guild were inactive users :frowning:

I tried and it told me you needed to leave the current guild for me to send invite.

yeah it said you need to leave current guild to get invite

yeah i joined another random guid. what level is your guild? the one im in now is only 4, so if you’re higher i will leave them :stuck_out_tongue:

where almost 3 but that is because we started last week. no biggy tho have fun.

Je mag de onze ook joinen hoor Tinus :stuck_out_tongue: