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Need a guild with 40k chests, activated armor and magic bonuses

I’m 170lvl, 300-500 k gold weekly, 300-600t, 1500s. Activated blue, purple and brown statues (need them for my Bombot team).
Invite code “TPAKTOP 1”.

Or how much gold do I donate weekly? 300-500k? Just got Bombot team, pretty much sure I will make 300-500k if needed.

Misguided misfits #3 in leader board search a player.
1500 seal
500k Gold
Every week we activated all statuestatue.
You are interested?

Yes. I’m still testing my Bombot team, but I guess I can make 500k.

Your invite code not exist.

hes on pc mobile platform

Ok… We are in ps4

Thx everyone, already found one.

Next time suggest you note which platform you’re on.

Ok, will do that.