Navigating the Sept 2018 newest world map

I’m hoping for a way to get a better overall view of today’s major update of the world map. One where I can see more kingdoms in a single glance. It’s a bit of a problem, since I can’t figure out how to get the map out of, let’s call it the close-up view. If it exists. It’s taking me forever to find specific kingdoms that I might want to visit. Unfortunately I didn’t memorize their locations before I did the update, so navigation has become tedious. If I’m wrong, and I’m just not doing something right, I’d love to know. Otherwise it would be a very nice additon to the next upgrade! :slight_smile:

The zoom-out function doesn’t work anymore (for the time being hopefully). This also means zooming in doesn’t work, even if you wanted to use it.

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thanks for verifying, and annoying, isn’t it. Guess our best hope then is an update with something useful in it.

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@ArkadeADD1CT Zooming in and out should be working, but you can’t zoom out as far as before.

If you’re having issues zooming in and out, please let me know which device you’re playing the game on so we can look into this issue!

in that case, no real issue. I now have limited zooming available on both of my iPads (Air 2 & Pro). I was just hoping for the ability to zoom out a bit further. It’s easier on the eyes. And stomach. Anyway, thanks for the info, I’ll just keep hoping for more zoom out function at a future date.