Please, please, please! Let me see it all!

I’ve asked a hundred times – what advantage it is for anyone to have this map, this way. Why can’t I see the whole thing at once? Why can’t I scroll out to its entirety? Why on earth does anyone need to scroll in?


I don’t agree. I’m on switch and I’m fine with scrolling through the map cause all my kingdoms are already completed. So there is no reason to make it to where the map actually fits the screen.

Unless you play a lot of explore because medals. And the Hoard Mimic. Just sayin’.

I think to remember, there was a time, when kingdom icons were scaled up when scrolling out. The scrolling limitation might still be a relic of those days to (mostly) avoid overlap at the furthest setting.

With the current non-scaling images though, a full zoom out could make the kingdoms a little too tiny to reasonably interact with them.

Also with the map format being rather vertically oriented, a full scroll out would either have you move up and down constantly instead of around or would require to program an out-of-borders image. I’m not sure, if you would be happy about it.

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huh? I’m lvl 600 I just now stick to world and guild events.