Naughty & Nice: Troop Balance

I’ve never tried to loop a Beetrix team because there’s no point, it’s mostly a defense team. There are many teams better suited for attack. I can tell you that it loops against me plenty though. I’d like to see the win rate stats on defense teams where Beetrix and Gobtruffle are placed. I lose a lot more to Beetrix teams than I do to Gobtruffle…


Not seeing any bandit spawn fix. Just the latest - 4 Bandits already killed, 2 still there…yet to inflict damage on bottom two troops.

What exactly was fixed! :slight_smile:

Sure it wasn’t a boost?

40 souls, normally get 12, 9 bandits…

Skeleton Key’s extra turn is NOT untouched. You only get the extra turn when an enemy is killed, and because the damage output is reduced, it will be harder to get the kill that is required for the extra turn.

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Eeeeek, what a great Christmas gift! Nerfing a bunch of overused meta troops and weapons and giving out lots of buffs to subpar Mythics and other troops!

Thanks so much for listening to all the feedback for some balancing, Salty!


The Bandit change feels a little silly.
Considering most people want to disable that stealthy trait to be able to use him with a stealthed hero, it would make more sense to simply just change the 3rd trait, so it doesn’t affect the kingdom power.
Pretty much all the complaining & feedback I have seen on the Bandit is that people dislike the Stealth trait, and I have many times seen people in global chat and on discords recommend to new players to avoid getting that 3rd trait.

It is a bit counter-intuitive to not want to trait up a troop progress-wise, when one of the main ideas behind progressing your kingdom powers is to fully trait all your troops.


Lol I’m pretty sure you just defined “balancing”.


Well yes, but I hear a lot of complaining and I feel like these are mostly good changes :smiley:


Domovoi also became very hard to overcome in Arena, while not helping on offense much except in the case of very slow turtling teams.

I’m still displeased after sleeping on it and reading others’ mostly-favorable feedback (which I find surprising — I generally agree with Idle, but not this morning, I guess), and I’m only writing now to ask pretty-please with some sinew-on-top STOP asking for further nerfs, people!

I can’t stand all the people saying “you nerfed thing x, which is a lot like thing y, so why don’t you also make thing y less fun to play with?”

If something is strong, ask for other things to be buffed enough to beat it! Don’t make a thing harder to use offensively because then you get slower teams; more difficult delves, arenas, and explores; and a guild wars attack situation that potentially relies on more coinflip-randomness with the board state, which to any serious player is the #1 thing to avoid.


lol my sincerest apologies, I just assumed you were serious. I agree with you. I have zero issues with these changes, even the gobtruffle and key changes. I could debate the merits of those changes, but anybody who seen me post recently probably doesn’t want to be subject to more ramblings of a dev reply guy.

Bandit change is kind of nice, mainly due to GW. Where when it spawns a lot, it can be come a machine gun - lots of times 1 match will fill it up, 11 prevents that.


Buffing everything and nerfing others isn’t that dissimilar. It’s just a lot easier to say “X is powerful because” rather than “A needs extra ____, B needs extra ________” all the way down the list. at the end of the day, you can’t make 800 troops relevant.

The problem lies more with how the game is just grinding so speed is critical and no one playing the game nor the devs understand how every troop synergy works in every situation. Therefore no one has a complete PoV on how troops work and we then have to argue how the game should be which is another debate.


I dont use SK, but yeah nobody is gonna pay for your shrines. Restore SK.

There’s your answer. This was a gold nerf.

Plunder & Peril has no extra turn & shares its mana color with Cedric. These aren’t major differences of course but it still accomplishes the goal of slowing down play, especially when the modifier is now X2 instead of X3.


I agree with all of the boosts and nerfs, except SK. This just hurts new and casual players way too much. Basically the no. 1 hint in our guild chat for fresh players was “get the SK team”.

Combine this nerf with the influx of events, the no 1. hint in our guild chat for fresh players will change to “quit your day job”. And I fear more and more newcomers will answer “no thanks, bye, I just wanted to play a few minutes in my spare time”.

If it is a problem for the economy that some dumb guild of no-life-loosers farms 1k legendary tasks a week, then downscale the LTs with diminishing returns, instead of f***ing all new players. E.g. increase the completion cost of each consecutive LT by x %.

It is really sad that a lot of minor but good changes are completely overshadowed by one really bad change with very broad impact.

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I feel like the last one was the 4 ners across the 3 troops in the divine meta defense team? But I could be wrong.

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Thank you DEVS for balancing some of the old troops. There are quite a few additional troops that need a boost to be close to the power curve. Please focus on boosting less used troops and LESS on nerfing troops/weapons.

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@Saltypatra When will DEVS fix the Doomed weapons (and other weapons) that create a random gem and break 4 matches? This has been requested for Years Now! I have not seen anyone requesting a boost to Death, but I have seem many, many players requesting a replacement trait instead of the “create a random gem” trait.


Lol, I thought I read that somewhere…Scouts Bow, Firebomb x2 and Bombot. Well played. Free Fun sent. Yeah, I know you’re revered. Sent anyway.

And changing teams takes just a second, if your first and second option are side by side. Proper prior planning and whatnot.

The problem I have with L+D is not that you can’t beat it, it’s that it often makes the fight drag on a lot longer before you beat it. Hopefully this will help that a little, by making it less consistent, and/or make it chosen as a defender less often.

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Agreed. Domovoi is already obnoxious in Arena. Didn’t need this at all