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Mythic trade-in

Apologies if this has been mooted before, but with the introduction of the Soulforge why can’t we trade in extra mythics for diamonds?
I pulled Skadi number 4 this morning & I have a few others which I have multiple copies of that I will never use in a team together.
I’d love to be able to trade a copy in for anywhere between 500-1000 diamonds so that I could craft one of the only 8 cards I need to complete my collection quicker…


I like it! I have a few I would love to trade in for some diamonds

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I only need mythics now, nothing worse than seeing that blue border only for it to be one you already have!

At the moment we only get 150 souls for Disenchantig a Mythic, a big jump as getting 500-1000 diamonds for one copy won’t happen. The idea is good, and if it ever go through we might get max 50 diamonds or so per Mythic copies, IMO.


Well anything in diamonds has to better than 150 souls!
I do think 50 is low though, its not like this is a game-breaker as people would still need to buy the resources to craft or pull mythics in the first place

500-1000 is a bit excessive. 50 might be too low, but seeing as we only get 150 souls for D/E, the soul to diamond ratio would probably be just right. I’d be fine with 100, but realistically any amount of diamonds for a Mythic will forever be wishful thinking.