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You’re referring to the Kingdom Level (the one you buy with gold)? I could add it if I can find room for it somewhere.


I really really like this btw… The fact that I can quickly now see where the Kingdoms with their stars and amounts - plan accordingly leveling of troops to get things moving faster for the Stars. I was spending about 30 minutes a week reviewing each kingdom to get how I could tweak it to the next level.

This just helps so much now for planning on how I am spending my traitstones and souls


Btw, there seems to be a bug in math for at least one of my Kingdoms (Whitehelm)

My Game says 2520
But My Collection shows 2580.

I haven’t gone through to check the others, but thought you would want to know


Thanks for the report, I’ll take a look.


Should be fixed. Refresh the page and it’ll show Whitehelm at 2520.


Honest question: Does it make sense to anyone to track a troop that is fully traited? What else do people use the Tracking option for, if not to remember troops to trait?


What do you mean by “track a troop” exactly?

People of various advancement levels might want to track the following:

  • Which troops they have at all
  • Levels of troops and souls needed
  • Ascension level and number of copies
  • Traits on troops and traitstones needed.

For example I couldn’t care less about tracking which troops I have and their levels (since I have them all, at max possible level), But I do care to track ascensions, to know which troops I still don’t have mythic and how many copies I’m missing.


it is nice once a while to see the list of “completed” mythics i suppose
if you wanna filter them out just put <3 in traits


Sorry, I mean the Heart column in the collection. If I remember the Help box correctly, they were called “Tracked Troops”.

EDIT: I managed to recover the original text, and it says: You can track and filter to your highest-priority troops by using the ♥ check boxes.

As I see, there are other ways of tracking all of what you said:

  • Count column: >0
  • Level column
  • Rarity and Count columns

Except for traits, of course.

@Annaerith, what do you mean by completed mythics? Fully ascended, traits, both? For the ascension part, you could use the Rarity column, but the only reason I currently see for the Heart columns is to track traits. Am I wrong?


i understand the heart column is like setting yourself a small goals/priority you wanna pay special attention to for that moment

and i meant ascended+traited


These are more like “Favorites” (as the heart icon suggests). You can use it for anything, such as to view only troops you consider useful.


I agree, I just thought they were called Tracked, especially since the exported CSV names that column as isTracked :wink:

Sure, you can use it however you want, I was just wondering how people actually use it.


Hi Lyya,

Great tool! Definately going to use it.

Not sure if this has been asked before, but is it possible to add a filter ‘Count non-tribute related troops’ to the traitstone checklist? I am not interested in leveling/trading my Hero’s, Imp’s, Guardian’s and Mythics from non-tribute kingdoms :slight_smile:

Greetings, Roy


Under “Kingdom” select [True Kingdom]


Thx, but if i do that, the numbers on the checklist do not change.

So, i meant a new filter under the two existing ones in the traitstone checklist:
[ ] Count hidden troops
[ ] Count unobtained troops


What do you mean the checklist doesn’t change?

If you have Kingdom set to [True Kingdoms] and count hidden unchecked, the checklist will only sum those shown which are what you need for actual kingdoms.


Thanks! Forgot the uncheck the count hidden troops. Nvm my suggestion then :slight_smile:


@Lyya, not sure if this is an individual problem or if other users are experiencing it:
When I export to CSV, cards I don’t own are showing up as level 1, and there doesn’t seem to be any other indicator in the data. Currently my workaround is to track those cards, but shouldn’t cards that users don’t have default to level 0?


Ugh, nah, just another instance of the count/level bug. I’ll fix it today when I get a chance. Thanks for the report.


Give it another shot, should be fixed.