My Collection on Gems of War Database - Auto Updates!


Nothing short of brilliant. Kudos to you.


WOW Lyya, you have really outdone yourself, this is fantastic!


Loving the account integration! Linking my account makes it so much more connected and easy to use.

I can’t even imagine another feature to be added after this! It’s truly amazing the amount of work you’ve put into what is essentially a fansite, it all feels so official.

You’ve done an amazing job, and while I could add an “as always” to that, it’d feel unjust to not offer a personal thanks to express the amount of help this site’s provided me and many others.

Thank you, Lyya. :slight_smile:


i can imagine!

  • mana mastery tracker/guide (to even them out at levelup)

  • tracker for statistics gold/trophy/souls gained per fight or per hour, per day etc

  • tracker for explore traitstone statistics, etc

  • dressing room (lol) to try out armors/avatars set ups that we dont own yet and see do we like it

  • statistics for completion % daily, monthly (to see how much progress we make with souls/traitstones)

  • saveable filter setups (for example: find me all natural mythics that i didnt finish traiting yet)

  • personal couch (allows to set up achieveable goals and tracks their progress, maybe giving some badges for that too)

im not saying i demand those but @Lyya seem a genius, if ever need an idea i can toss one :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, your guild’s contributions T_T


@Lyya: I’m trying to make the filter so that it only shows base rare cards, but I am getting the ultra-rares along. Can you make the rarity filter an exact match instead of a like? This is on the My Collection page.


This is a bit obscure, but you can set the filter to “2 Rare” or just “2”. This is because the rarity is stored as:

“1 Common”
“2 Rare”
“3 Ultra-Rare”
“4 Epic”
“5 Legendary”
“6 Mythic”

That lets the table sort the rarity by number instead of alphabetically. You can use this to your advantage when filtering, too: “<6” shows all troops that aren’t Mythic yet, “>2” shows all Ultra-Rares and higher, etc.


while we are at it, we could have some filtering tooltips somewhere there to explain those :heartpulse:


also could use a “reset filters” button for both personal collection and the permainks

it seems often the filter doesnt want to reset itself properly for me when i try to just delete the text put in


That’s odd. Which browser are you using? I’ve never had trouble with filters not clearing after I delete them. That said, I test mostly in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and iOS Safari.

I could add a “clear filters” option to the Tools menu if necessary. I’m leery of overcomplicating an already-complicated UI, though.


opera 41.0 windows/pc

ive had multiple case of deleting the entry it would still apply old filter
also refreshing page can couse the filter entry to “clear” but filter still be applied


Question: are seals being displayed in my profile the number of seals I currently own for use, or the number of seals I’ve donated this week to my guild?


I’ll give it a go with Opera to see if there’s a bug in my code. Thanks!


Seals should be your currently-available total to spend, not your weekly accrued amount to cap. Someone suggested I add the weekly guild donation totals to the display, and if I did that I’d put the weekly Seals contribution there as well as gold contribution and trophies. No promises yet though…


Your site really is amazing Lyya, honestly it’s such a useful resource in all respects.

I cannot wait till you get it to work for console, hopefully it’s not impossible.

But again, amazing work!


I think I was the one who suggested that. :wink: I know it’s probably not gonna happen, but someday I hope there’s a safe API to get totals from all members in my guild, so it makes it easier to update spreadsheets. I’m sure @Ashasekayi agrees =)


Seriously, I’d give my right arm for this.

Edit: Actually, I need to work on our guild spreadsheet right now.


id donate my permalink for this :heart_eyes:


While I’ve been visiting the site for months now, I only recently made the time to make an account and link it.


@Lyya, thank you! All the information without any work on my part! I was dreading hand-entering my info on one of the other wonderful tools others of the community had made, which is why I hadn’t done it yet.


Not sure if this has been asked…I did a quick search and not sure so I apologize if it has been answered

@Lyya will there be an update to My Kingdoms section of the player DB to show which ones you have gotten to level 10? Or the Levels they are currently at