My Collection on Gems of War Database - Auto Updates!


@Lyya is there a way to filter list at traitstones to show me only the troops that still require any traitstones and hide the fully traited ones?

something like >0, !null, idk…


I have all the troops that need stones listed as Favorites for that reason :slight_smile:


Yep! Set the “Traits” filter to “< 3”, like this:<3


aww so simple :smiley:
then units that still need love <3 haha
thank you :slight_smile:


@Lyya This new update has been a dream come true. Thank you for adding it.


you can unfavorite them now xD


I left the kingdom power points because that can be inferred from troop data anyway, but I’ve removed the owned traitstone counts and teams for now. I might add some options for exposing those on permalink later but for now, I think this’ll suffice.

Currently owned Guild Seals are now included in the resource summary.


Thank you very much, that really helps. For the first time, I can finally see all my resources on a single screen.


My spirit arcane is 6./110… Thanks for the link!


Confirmed both working, very nice.


Haha I had just manually updated my cards on your site yesterday, @Lyya but I’m not complaining; this is great. Keeping them updated was always my issue and now you’ve helpfully eliminated that. Thanks so much! :smiley:


If I farm 1,700 souls per day for the rest of the year, I’ll be able to level all my troops.

Or I could carry on playing casually. Yes, I think that’s what I’ll do.

Thanks for this! :smiley:


Just remember that as you get more and more cards to Mythic, once you have 4 of them, you can disenchant the rest. Eventually, this provides a substantial amount of souls each week for players in active guilds that complete all the Guild Tasks each week (thereby getting lots of keys). I have about 230+ cards to Mythic (though I don’t have 4 copies of all of those) and I probably get 20,000 to 40,000 souls a week just from cards I don’t need. :slight_smile:


Until they decide to introduce a use for excess cards and we’ve disbanded all of them, of course…



Is that including all the troops they release during that time? :stuck_out_tongue:


No. :joy: But @ogunther gives me hope with his comment.


Just wanted to echo others in saying that this is really incredible. Someone get @Lyya an MVP badge!

(Edit: I guess this is sorta like one.)



This is just incredible.

:smile_cat: :smile_cat:


Amazing work! thank you so much.


works perfectly thanks