My Collection on Gems of War Database - Auto Updates!


@Lyya, just wanted to add my thanks for this amazing resource. I hadn’t bothered using a resource manager before as I couldn’t face having to type all my data in. The fact that yours does is automatically is brilliant!


I just noticed that My Collection shows that Maugrim Woods has 1825/2100, while the game itself shows only 1715/2100 in Kingdom Power Level.


Curious, at least 10 of mine are correct. I didn’t check them all, though.


All I’ve checked before have been right. I checked randomly a few others right now, and they are right too. Maugrim Woods is the only one I can see that is off (but havn’t checked all).


Maugrim Woods is correct for me as well. Have you tried “hard-refreshing” (usually ctrl+F5) your collection page? Also, I assume you have your in-game account linked, right?


Tried ctrl-F5 right now, same result. Also tried on two different computers.

My Collection shows the same cards in Maugrim Woods as I have in game, so that is correct:

10 different troops (500)
5 of them with one trait (125)
All of them on level 10, except one on level 19 (1090)
Total: 1090+500+125 = 1715.

But “Checklist” still lists it as 1825.

And yes, I have linked it to my account.


I’ll take a look. Thanks for the report.


Spoken like a true Developer!

Next you’ll be saying SOON to everyone. :joy:


Okay, should be fixed. Please refresh to verify.

(Eventually I’ll stop regressing the level/count bug, I promise.)


Thanks a lot!
It works like the dream it always did, now also with correct Maugrim Woods number :slight_smile:


So jealous. Wish this was available for console…


Holy crap, this is awesome. You rule.

I’ve been tracking stuff in Excel to keep organized, but this is so much better. :slight_smile:

The one suggestion I have is something to calculate which troops are the cheapest to trait up - so if you’re looking to five-star a kingdom, you can quickly see Troop X will take 60% of my supply of his stones, while Troop Y only takes 10%. I do this in my file and it’s probably the one thing I use the most. Actually I set it to tell me what’s the max percentage among all the needed stones, so like if troop X’s next trait will use 2% of my purple minors, 8% of my blue majors and 60% of my blue Runics it’ll take the highest number.

Just a thought. If you ever decide to do anything like that, or other analysis-type stuff, let me know. I’d be more than willing to help out. :slight_smile:


Got my collection down to only needing 700k souls. This time next year i’ll almost be done!:tada:



It might be helpful if you show me a screenshot of the desired data you are looking for. I’m having a hard time visualizing your request.


I think the idea would be to have a calculator for how to get a kingdom most efficiently to the next star level. This might be a little complex, but here’s the idea:

Assume troops are constant.

Option 1: Ask for number of traits that the player is willing to add as the independent variable. Dependent variable outputs are the total number of souls needed, and how many levels should go to which troops in order to get to the next kingdom level as efficiently (in soul costs) as possible.

Option 2 (more complex?): Ask for number of levels or souls the player will add as independent variable. Dependent variable outputs are whether or not the player can get to the next kingdom level with the traitstones owned, and which ones are needed for which troops to do so. Prioritization given to more common traitstones usage, minors > majors > runics > arcanes.

Hope this makes sense - it’s asking a lot, I know, but it would be another amazingly helpful addition. Many thanks for the great tools!


I still need 850k souls… and too many traitstones…

I do like this tool, it is very useful


in 5 days i went from 800k to 730k souls left
thanks to this tool i can see the progress, its amazing :smiley:


There are too many variables involved, and they all have different weighs for different players, so I find it really hard to calculate. While it’s easy to compare 3 Runic Yellow with 5 Runic Yellow, how do you compare 3 Runic Yellow with 40 Red Minor, and these with 1 Arcane Forest? How do you compare all that with souls?

That said, the closest tool that I’ve seen to what I think you want is ToDo Monitor

You might wanna give it a try.


I wasn’t suggesting it was trivial, but it’s not impossible either. The souls vs stones question is why there need to be two options - either you say how many traits you will complete and it calculates souls needed, or vice versa.

The optimization piece needs to make some simplifying assumptions, most likely. For instance, out of the possible ways to complete traits given stones owned, it could prioritize traits that used only minors and majors, then those that use the fewest runics, then those that use the fewest arcanes. Logic like that could get you useful output, though I don’t want to trivialize the programming required to get there.