Mute User Doesn't Work

Why is there no Block User option? The best we can do is to mute a user which only stops notifications generated by said user. This serves no purpose since we are still subjected to a muted user’s posts.

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Sadly, that’s a decision made by the makers of this forum software. It’s been hotly debated on Discourse’s own forums.


Yep, comes down to a lot of conflicting viewpoints. If I’m right about who started this software, they’re pretty big on the opinion everyone should have to see every possible view. People bring up the concept of trolls or jerks, but the opinion is, “moderators should take care of behavior they do not want to promote.” We just had that conversation here and decided everything’s juuuuuust fine.

If you’re not using mobile, there might be a browser extension that handles it for you. A long time ago I made a mute feature for a forum before this kind of feature even existed.

look at preferences/users/ignored. that might answer your request.

Lyya wrote a workaround for this problem some years ago:

Even “Ignore User” doesn’t work in my opinion, as it only lasts for a limited time, and during that time you will still see ‘1 hidden reply’ notifications in threads.

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Well since I cant mute anyone and after 2+ years of reading (and very occasionally contributing to) this forum, I cant take seeing a couple of people’s arrogant and obnoxious posts every day anymore. So this is goodbye for me.

Edit: this will no doubt be flagged. Probably by the aforementioned party and his/her loyal stooges.

Unfortunately, Discourse doesn’t have a feature for this, like mentioned above.