Can you block people on here?

Is there a way to block people? The mixer queen gets under my skin and I would rather not see her posts or profile pic. Not calling anyone out just asking for a friend.

You can only mute the notifications in your profile preferences, but you can’t hide what they wrote in the threads.


They do have a mute function, but it doesn’t actually remove their posts from your view. Basically, it stops notifications of their posts.

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Omg just saw that, this is funny

Click on the pic to block.


Thank you now im partially blind. I will be reporting you for that offensive pic.


I don’t know if I’d call it offensive. There are definitely some mixed signals.


Hi @truethat

I think if the person who you are referring to manages to identify themselves and responds to your post, even if you have not explicitly referred to them, it counts as a call out. In your previous post you have mentioned that you do not want to hear about our response to mixer, so I’m not sure what else expect to hear from me.

At this point, you have your answer on muting people and I feel like this thread has run its course. I don’t want to see this get any worse and I’ve already deleted a post on here as it was unacceptably rude. Please be more considerate of each other in the future.

@KYLENATOR001 I’ve been looking at this thread for 5 minutes and I only just got that pun :roll_eyes: