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Ignore User Feature?

Is there no way to ignore users on this forum?

There is not, nor is there likely ever to be such a feature, as the co-founder of Discourse (the forum software licensed by GoW devs) is philosophically opposed to the idea.

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Discourse’s stance on user mute is so bizarre. It really doesn’t do anything positive for a community to not give people a tool to erase annoying and/or trollish people from their own experience on a forum.


There actually is a way to mute someone, but it requires some technical know-how and an ad blocker. All posts by an individual have a “data-user-id” attribute attached to them which can be filtered out. I tried it a year ago and it worked quite well at the time; but I personally prefer seeing everything (and now my role here requires it anyway!) so I don’t know if it still works.