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Moving vaults in treasure hunt

Earlier on PS4 you could move vaults to create a match for other items on the board. In this video below the vaults still move and are able to be used as an secondary object when matching. Of course the vaults didn’t match even back then.

Nowadays the vaults don’t move at all. This video below shows an situation which would have ended as a 5-match for gold coins before.

Why did you do this? I liked the earlier version better. Below is a one video more which shows a match where a vault is moved when matching gold coins. (at 2:34)

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Vaults could never be moved on PC/mobile. It looks like this was applied to PS4 during the Unity switchover.


(I deeply apologize for semi-hijacking this thread. To stay a bit on topic, I confirm that even under the old UI, vaults could not be moved on PC.)

Remember you asking me in detail about why the new Vault Hunter background is bad and if it’s the background or the semi-transparent board? Just look above; you don’t even need to play the videos to see the difference.
The gold coins from the background visible under the board or - since that was covered in the old UI - the comparision of the two other backgrounds on the side show that the chest behind Tyri in the new background is extremely eye-catching, unlike the other two backgrounds. The lack of border heightens this, yes. But the coins at the bottom are the worst; they are too detailed and prominent to be easily ignored.
And this is again a good example why the new board is not even close to being as non-transparent as the old one (no matter how often you guys claim it); you can clearly see the TH background far more through it than in the other videos. It’s horribly distracting.
Also it’s a bit sad that there’s no comparision to another background with the new UI here… you just gotta believe me that the other backgrounds are not as bad as the current TH background then. Simply because they blend in better, which is important since there is no more border.

(End of hijacking)


Excellent hijack, I agree on that.