Move 'Select gem/column/row' higher

While Extraturn has at least some purpose of being placed next to the gems caused it, there are these announcements which blocks view of the board for 2 seconds. I’d rather prefer those being placed at the top of the board to reduce overlapping and clear my aim.

Also, while we’re here, another thing. It took me quite some months to remember all the abilities. Before that, I often got distracted while aiming and forgetting which colors should I hit for the spell to work better. It might be a good idea to implement a floating window like this one with description of the currently active spell.
So you can always take a look at what color required.

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I don’t quite understand the latter idea. Are you referring to spells with effects (boost ratios, etc) based on Gem counts, like Clockwork Sphinx or Flame Troll? These already have a panel showing you the count of (relevant) Gems on the board when you click on the troop for casting…

Example: Alchemist

(Note that Alchemist’s spell has no Boost Ratio.)

Or are you saying that this panel should also be shown onscreen when actually casting the spell (i.e. during a target-select prompt)? I could support that.

Yes, the last one, so I can verify im targeting Green or yelllow gems by the spell, even if my short term memory sucks.

Could be solved, IF we get a cancel button.