[REPORTED] Extraturn Visual Bug

Platform: PS5

There is an Extra turn coming from somewhere when i make 3er Combo.
Which actually shouldn’t be.
I Think its a Bug from the Trait from The Great Wyrm.

If you follow the video closely, you get a 4-match of skulls in the top left when your Wyrms generate a whole bunch at the start of your turn. It’s a little more than 2 seconds into your brief clip.

This is the match @Kezef is referring to

Just confirming, unless there was another Extra Turn match you may have been referring too @Sheffield

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Move by move recap:
0:01 - 3 Green Gems matched in Row 4. An “Extra Turn” notification pops up at row 2, column 2, despite this clip not reflecting any matches made in that area, nor was any Extra Turn actually granted.
0:04 - At start of turn, Skull Gems are added to board creating a match-4 along column 1. If this was a normal move then the Extra Turn would be expected, however this occurred at the start of the turn.
0:04 - Matched 3 Skulls along row 3. An “Extra Turn” notification displays along row 1 (location of the previous match). Again, no Extra Turn is actually granted.

So … the bug is if an ability at the start of turn creates a match of 4 gems, the game will erroneously declare “Extra Turn” on whatever match you make next (even just 3 gems) despite that the game is otherwise proceeding correctly (i.e. no Extra Turn was actually granted) ?

There have been some prior reports of “Extra Turns” popping up on matches of only 3 gems but they couldn’t provide specifics. Could this perhaps be what they saw then?

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