Spell cast improvement

I want to make an option for instant casing for spell, and of course, also need to some UI for cancel spell.

While I playing this game, I feel some uncomfortable things and that is mostly related with spell.

The first and most important thing is, casting a spell is surprisingly annoying after get used to playing game.
Now, we need to 2 taps for using spell, tap a troop, and tap a cast button, so I claim that is meaningless and can be removed.
Also, those buttons are separated too much, and furthermore, cast button is too small.

For example, I use a shield of Urskaya, tap my hero (usually top left) -> cast (bottom middle) -> Rowanne (middle left), see, what a waste of time and movement.
If we change this, we can just tap hero (first position) -> tap Rowanne (third position), look, much effective and compact, it will definitely raise our quality of life.

I understand that change can makes mistake, so I suggest to make as an option for this, such as checkbox named Cast a spell with one click, then when I understand how my team work and know all spells, just activate that option and now get happy with it, maybe we can make this option automatically disable when we change the team for prevent accident.

Finally, I see that many people want to make cancel a spell button, I also want that.

Thank you.


I assume that the canceling is about spells that require a target?
Otherwise your requests are kind of mutually exclusive (and in a sense we already have a cancel button, just click anywhere else).
I am in favor of both ideas :slight_smile:

That’s right. cancel can only targetted spell or while instant casting off, that’s why I said to make as an option.

I feel that there has to be a way to check a spell with full mana before casting it. So we need a button to actually cast it. I might want to check how much damage a spell does to all enemies and see if it’s enough to kill an enemy that is about to cast, or if I should use another troop that can target an enemy with higher damage.

Or if we get a new troop that converts gems, I want to be able to check which gems are getting converted before I cast it and then check if I have a good alignment. Without a button to press to cast the spell, it would change the gems and then if you are unlucky hand a board over to the AI that has a lot of extra turn matches and give them a lot of mana.

I do want to see a cancel button though to be able to cancel a spell that requires a target.

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This is why it would be an option you can turn on and off. So that if you know your team well enough to just blaze through you can do single tap, but if you need to manage stats etc it uses the current slow method.

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