Most annoying thing about food!


I did this to the ice cream I was eating tonight. RIP spoon and sticky hands.


haha, :smiley: Try click on the image and scroll down, it should be 23 differently annoying situations like this one. :slight_smile: Added the link just in case, its just so horrible annoying how much I recognize myself in this.

I saw them all. Spoon tipping over bowl is worst. :stuck_out_tongue:


Spoon flipping out of the skillet and flinging spaghetti sauce all over the kitchen happens more frequently than I like to admit.


When someone leaves a drop of juice in the container then puts it back in the fridge, I feel like commiting bloody murder. :rage:


Pouring a bowl of cereal then reaching into the fridge only to find the milk has expired. I should check the milk first, but I never do. Who’s thinking when they first get out of bed.


Cooking a new recipe for the first time.

Wondering just how long ago you first opened the ketchup bottle.
Hmm, no green. Is it still good?
Those seals with a tiny flap in center you’re supposed to grab and pull. I can never get a good grip on them. Too small and the seal is super glued down! You end up grabbing a knife and cutting the center out.
The pizza roll one was so true!

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dropping the pizza on the floor only makes my dog happy.

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