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What do you put on your hotdog?

To move an argument between @Eika and myself to an appropriate place i thought it would be fun to see what everyone else likes on a hotdog and if it is a common thing for the place you are from (as in my case) and how it may differ based peoples hometown

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Raw onion, potato salade, dry onion, ketchup, all kinds of mustard, garlic sauce, barbecue sauce, etc…
Most common in Norway is: Ketchup, mustard and dry onion.

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For me the best dog


Mustard not ketchup. Ketchup is for kids. It smothers flavor. You want to enhance it with things like mustard.

hah, are you koking?

I like ketchup on a burger with lots of onions and an obscene amount of mayo lol

Absolutely not! Here is the official stand from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, part of the American Meat Institute:

No one should squirt ketchup on a hot dog after the age of 18. “You have to grow up sometime,” says council president Janet Riley, a.k.a. “the Queen of Wien”.



Bacon and cheese

Lol damn like limit

Ketchup, relish, cheese on a toasted bun. That is all. Anyone who puts chili or mustard on a hotdog and says ketchup
smothers flavor needs to rethink their life.

I am calling you out @Delinquent !!!

Also an excellent way to have a dog! Is this a regional thing? I have heardbof a place in KC that wraps a dog in bacon and deep fries it! It makes me want to go to KC lol

Savage lol

Sorry, but saying that ketchup is for kids is bullshit. Maybe in your culture, if that was what you meant. In Northern Europe where I come from ketcup on hotdogs is as common as snow is on winter.

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Just b/c it’s common, doesn’t make it right. Good to know Northern Europeans don’t know how to eat a hot dog!

You must be superstars where you come from that avoid ketchup on hotdogs! lol

I am only teasing about ketchup on a hotdog being only for savages but i never do it. I do however like to see the different ways ppl like them

That’s it, I cannot stand it any longer.

I don’t care that you all support colluding guilds, a pre-nerf Famine and Bone Dragon, think that pre-nerf Fizzbang was not OP, the Wisp is just fine or that Trump is actually making America Great again (to be clear, I disagree with everything in this sentence).

When it comes to important things like ketchup on hot dogs I draw the line. I will not suffer fools or charlatans defiling my particular method of hot dog indulgence! Begone!


Btw, here’s the article from which my citation came, which goes into more detail about why ketchup is an abomination on a hot dog: https://www.chowhound.com/food-news/121025/why-does-ketchup-on-a-hot-dog-piss-people-off/

Here’s a choice bit, with a culinary backing: “Maybe that’s because ketchup is so sugary, and you’re supposed to be over that as an adult and into good ol’ salty meats with chopped onions, vinegary mustard, or chili. You want to enhance the all-beef dog, not camouflage it. Ketchup is what parents smother over everything to make kids eat their food, after all… Ketchup smothers the flavor of the hot dog because ketchup makers add sugar to their products,” says Cecil Adams in his reply to this very question on The Straight Dope. “That takes the edge off the highly acidic tomatoes, but it takes the edge off everything else, too.”


I cant indulge your “cerebral-rectal inversion” in the decision to put ketchup on a dog😜 lol