[more info needed] Despond is broken - doesn't do damage as claimed

Windows 10:

Despond ‘Despairing Gaze’ says damage affects chosen enemy and all above him. If does not. It affects that one and only the first one. Fix it.

Firstly, it is advisable to use bug report template that is automatically provided for you.
Secondly, would you kindly provide necessary information that is clearly stated in said automatic template? Without it nobody can guess what the problem is and what to do.

As one can easily see from my screenshots (Steam on Windows 10), Despond seems to be working perfectly fine.

Before cast on enemy slot 4

After cast on enemy slot 4 - 84 damage to all enemies.


Additionally, if you can capture video footage of the incident, please do because maybe we can find something you missed. Words only explain so much…

As a comparison, Druid had a bug where if the first strike kills a target there was a chance that the second strike would not even trigger, so the fact that it might happen in one case but not another means it needed more than an “it’s broken” / “works for me” to investigate by.

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Do not be discouraged that we are asking for proof of it happening. A lot of these bug reports do stem from things some people miss. Even something as small as listing what troops the enemy had or showing a screenshot of their team makeup could either support or explain away the outcome. A lot of these bug reports sit here forever with no resolution simply because there was not enough information given by the poster.

Bug reports that dont impact revenue are pointless. They will never be fixed.