Monday daily reward / glory

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Only got 3 glory on Daily Reward. Should be 16.

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Your PvP status resets every Monday Reset. You’ll have to get back to Tier 1 again to get 16 per day for the week.

Anybody who reached Tier 1 on Sunday is supposed to receive 16 Glory on Monday though. If it only awards 3 Glory now they somehow managed to revive a bug that was fixed a long time ago.


This is true. There should be 16 Glory, like it always has been for me, if were at Rank 1 PvP in the previous week.

@Kafka and @Cyrup should be able to provide more information about this.

it says your rank is 14 which makes me think you played a pvp match after the reset but before you visited the main screen, where the game would update you to the new day. that is probably what caused the game the confusion.

I finished between rank 51 and 100 in pvp and I havent been mailed the 5 epic ingots I expected. Something is wrong in last reset.

Were you in the game during the reset or did you start it after the reset?

Same issue here, and I didn’t play between reset and daily mail. Got 2 glory instead of 16.
Playing on Android

There’s definitely something amiss, the GoW Discord also reports top 100 players not getting their PvP leaderboard reward.

So much for no new bugs…

I finished in the top 10 on the PvP leaderboard on PS4 :slight_smile:

Rewards not received :frowning:

Perhaps it’s better to post a bug report or a ticket to Support?

My collected mail also shows 3 glory awarded rather than the 15+ I should have received for my end-of-week tier. I do, however, see the mail about my >1000 PVP ranking. On iOS.

No we having the same problem on consoles and no pvp after resets

Yep, I posted a bug report here -

If anyone else also didn’t receive the correct PvP leaderboard rewards from last week, feel free to comment on this thread if you want :wink:

My glory was also incorrect.

I hope the devs will send a mail that corrects this for everyone, and not just those who take the time to file support tickets.

What a mess.

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