Mini game - Trait

Similar to explore for gold drops but instead of dropping traitstones, it drops a trait.

How it works and requirements ?

  • You can only use the trait you found on an already fully traited card
  • You can replace any trait (trait 1,2 or 3) on your fully traited card with this new trait.
  • The trait that dropped shows you what traitstones is required to upgrade it.


Green seer - fully traited

You just found Impervious trait and decide to replace 3rd trait “immunity to silence”

Now Impervious is your 3rd trait but it’s not activated yet.

It will cost you 6 arcanes + 10 major + 10 minor to activate it.

At ANY time you can revert back to the original 3 traits of green seer fully traited if you wish to do so.

Exemples of trait by rarity (similar drop rate to explore)

Common trait drop - Immune to poison (similar to common traitstones drop in explore)

Normal trait drop - green link

Rare trait drop - Impervious

Dead cards can now be played again, new strategies and unique cards and more reasons to buy traitstones and support the game financially.

This is unique but it would lead to WAY too many unbalanced trait combos. I can’t see this EVER happening

To clarify,
Traits are pick based on a number of factors, such as base rarity, abilities, theme, etc… This would completely ruin that.


I understand what your saying but the fact that defense is irrelevant in GoW I don’t see how this would damage the game. There is already numerous invade teams that invade quite fast so I personally don’t see how this would damage the game.

I open 50 glory keys and get a Crimson Bat. I can use him right away for fast invades


I fully trait my golem and then it takes me months to find an Impervious trait (the drop rate of rare traits would be low and it would be way harder to get that specific rare trait compared to just getting an Arcane in explore)

Option #2 sounds harder to obtain

This would also require the developers to re-code traits and allow them to be changed on the fly through an in game option. I imagine traits are hard coded to each troop currently, they would have to completely change that.

Not only that, but I am pretty sure cards are NOT saved uniquely for each person, the developers would have to add the ability to save VARIABLE CARDS to each and every player. Now what if you have 4 behemoths and you have 3 of the 4 traited differently, now the devs need a way to save 3-4 separate instances to each player playing the game.

I just don’t think this is a viable option for any number of reasons.

Mind you, i don’t necessarily dislike it, I just don’t think it’s realistic.

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Release the moot!

Say a person has acquired impervious for every troop on his team. This is now the most annoying team to possibly fight in PvP. Of course, this is currently possible, but the available teams lack synergy and, therefore, are not practical. However, with this addition, you’ve raised the available troops with impervious from eight to 215.

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Acquiring 4 impervious trait would take a long long time, possibly 6+ months. An exemple of an invade that would still wreck your defense pretty quickly is: Sooth, Valk, dbl bat.

If you look at the top leaderboard there is many players that just invades alot and looses alot of invades (sister, dhjl, etc).

Sure it might be impossible to implement due to coding but by no means I find it OP because defense win % in GoW is totally irrelevant to be amongst the top players.

Subjective. You are assuming all players have a ready-to-go True Damage team.

If the enemy has 4 Gorgothas, all with impervious and a 75% skull damage reduction, tell me how much you would enjoy fighting that team in PvP if you didn’t have a true damage team?

People in general are afraid of the unknown changes. Take a look at every single thread containing updates released by the devs.

I appreciate your concerns and I’m sure alot of people think the same as you.

The brilliance of GoW especially with the recent updates as been focusing on cards that have a counter against other cards. Take a look at Maw and Mab.

No matter what your defense is (even if your traits could be altered) there will always be an invade that can potentially win.

To answer your question: There is tons of true damage teams out there and some people use up to 3-4 different invades teams to beat a defense. There is even true damage with drain involved. There is tons of them that you can make a team on the fly.

You could’ve made a better team with Hunger or even bullseye on Gorgotha, now that would be cool to see, it would inspire stun (you can’t put hunger & impervious on Gorgotha because you can only alter 1 trait per monster) :slight_smile:

EDIT: You can even choose opponent #1 or #2, let’s say you only always use this 1 invade team (just like some people do right now when they see a difficult threat on opponent #3)

Seems like figuring out which traits should be allowed on which troops would be a nightmare. You’d have to eliminate Empowered (4 Maw Empowered team anyone?), and that’s just off the top of my head. The potential for crazy bonuses is just too high to let everything in there.

Maw can only cast once then all ur maw’s can’t cast anymore. I think that would counter empowered ? There is drain cards with empowered or the potential to put empowered on drain cards.

Only way to know if its OP is for the devs to test it behind closed doors and us trusting them.

For Maw I guess, but I’d sure hate to play a 4 Empowered goblin team. There are just way too many potential abuses with any trait being applied to any troop. I’m sure when they create new ones it’s a balancing act to make sure that everything fits in with the existing traits/combinations. Opening everything up would be impossible to figure out.

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You’d HAVE to restrict Traits like Impervious, Empowered and any Legendary Trait.

Empowered Great Maw
Empowered Bone Dragon
Empowered Infernal King
Empowered Sheggra

How you doin’?

Great! Empowered Famine , invader going first is OP with this… it works both ways xD

Good, we sufficiently proved Empowered has to be restricted in your scenario.

The OG Puzzle Quest had something similar to this, where the hero could learn spells from captured enemies. It was very nice, but changing traits is a no in my book. As @TaliaParks said, imagine invading in PvP if this gets in game?
The devs try hard to think up new troops, design them, balance their strenght and now everyone will have Empowered, Hunger and Granite skin on their Maw?
I vote NO.

Just for the lols, I’d run 4 peasants with Empowered, Hunger and True shot. :joy:

How do you think I discovered that Death Gaze absolutely massacred Lord Bane?

Fluttershy is that you?


You would think so for an ability that can decimate Lord Bane’s HP from around 300-350 to 0 in one press of a button.

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