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Is ascending trait stones a thing to look forward to in the near future?

If this is not something that has been considered yet I think it would be a welcome improvement and way to put hundreds of useless stones to good use. Chime in on your thoughts on this idea peeps. Thanks.


I actually love this idea, but I don’t think it will ever happen. Traitstones are where the bulk of profit comes from on this game, and making them easier to acquire would directly cut into that profit.

It’s unfortunate, but I don’t believe this will ever change.

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I wish I could descend. :frowning:


Sure. 1 arcane for 1 minor of each color

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Not really like the idea, because it looks like a VIP 5 feature.

This feature is like the many requests for crafting trait stones. The biggest thing with it is it can only get you so far. It works for base trait stones (mono-color arcane) but not advances trait stones.

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If i could trade 20 minors of a chosen color for 1 minor of chosen color i would be happy, it sucks being unable to trait one legendary troop because i’m missing minor traitstone.

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If it ever did become available, I can assure you it’d never be a payer exclusive.
That’s because such a business practice could very easily be cast in a negative light.


I used to be a very big advocate for this, but I’ve had a complete about turn for this idea over the last few months, more so from this last week.

Explore mode is simply a godsend. For me to be able to acquire 12 Arcanes (of my own selection) in a few hours of gameplay over a 24 hour period…? That’s much better than any crafting/ascension idea threads that have been around for months, without one bite from a game developer for it to be looked into or applauded.


+1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

We need minor!

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On the other hand, with the current state of the game there’s very little incentive to spend money and VIP privileges feels more or less lackluster. So I’m guessing devs will want to push something and traitstone manipulations seems like one of possibilities.

Before Explore mode, I would have said yes.

Now, I can’t imagine they’d add yet another way to get those elusive arcane stones. I’m finding Explore to be VERY lucrative. I get about 1 arcane (or the occasional celestial) every 60-90 minutes.

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