Mimic chest drop rate summarization thread

Glancing at other threads that involve mimic chests and encountering vague and wildly varying inputs (like - I get mimics every four boss chests; I get mimics every thirty boss chests)…that doesn’t really help or answer anything.

I would like a place for more tangible stuff (like the rare instances of numbers in those threads here and there).

  1. please, contribute actual numbers here - X boss chests, Y mimic chests, Z hoard mimic chests; not stuff like few mimic chests per week;
  2. the bigger your sample size is, the better;

That is current data for me (above the gray line) and my brother (below the gray line).

Just to make it completely clear how my numbers are formed - boss chest was opened 1000 times out of which 904 where token drops and 96 were mimic chests (out of which 85 were token drops and 11 were hoard mimic chests).

One sidenote about my brother’s set - it starts from the point where he began counting boss chests. There were additional 122 mimic/17 hoard mimic chests (no Hoard Mimic troop drop) before that are not included in the set because of not having boss chest number.


@Dust_Angel worth to mention that right after the release the drop was a lot better than it has been the last weeks. So maybe start with your datas all over again?

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My stats so far:

1878 Boss chests
199 Mimic chests
29 Hoard Mimic chests
2 Hoard Mimics


Here is my raw data


Thanks to everybody who has contributed so far.

Do I understand correctly that it means 9x35=315 boss chests (with 37 mimic chests and 2 hoard mimic chests)

This is exactly what I was talking about - is this just a conjecture or can you show anything more than simply words? What does “right after the release mean”? How long is “last few weeks”? What are the numbers for “a lot better” - double, triple, quadruple?

I have no problem writing another thousand chests separately out of curiosity so I’ll do it and let’s see what happens when I get that far.

Thanks for providing the data. I doubt there is a bias towards playing more chests in a row having more mimic chests vs ppl playing 4 boss chests a day having less or even 0 mimic chests. Maybe the game algorithm checks previous battles and has adjustments as the numbers go up whereas if you only do 4 boss chests a day then the next day your previous stats sort of resets.

Correct. I completed all 35 kingdoms to boss chest, then opened all boss chests one after the other (made it easier to log data accurately).

Several players collected some data in the early days, which can be found on a few threads:

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Started tracking 3 days ago. 124 boss chests 19 mimics 3 hoard mimics. No hoard troop.
The plan is to go to a 1000 boss chests.

Did get a 5x nysha on one of the hoards :heart_eyes:


862 Boss Chests
78 Mimic Chests
6 Hoard Mimic Chests
0 Hoard Mimic

I stop searching for it 3 weeks ago :slight_smile:


Exactly 10% on the 2x mimics.
I got 6 bonus nyshas from mimics so exactly 5% on nysha droprate too.

Im very average!

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